Furniture of America Teams Up with to Provide a Fully Interactive 3D Catalog to all of their Retailers

By Sam Brake Guia June 17, 2019

Rendy today announces a partnership with Furniture of America to launch their catalog via a 360+ web platform to market and sell products in fully interactive 3D. Furniture of America is the first company to make its 3D catalog accessible to retail partners using the Rendy platform.

Rendy’s 360+ web platform works by connecting Furniture of America’s 3D catalog to any retail platform with just a few lines of code. The fully interactive 3D web viewer can be integrated in less than a day to fit the needs of the retailer – be it through a platform provider or a simple homemade website. The 360+ platform is also fully compatible with brick and mortar retailers through touch screens or tablet devices, giving retailers the ability to provide in-store 3D experiences.  

It’s hard to stay ahead of the pack in a competitive online environment that sees the likes of Amazon and Wayfair continually investing in 3D technologies to increase product engagement. For furniture retailers, the ability to provide an interactive experience for their customers is vital to stay competitive. By partnering with Rendy, Furniture of America aims to provide a better marketing and sales platform to its retailers.

Rendy’s automated content creation platform connects manufacturer’s 3D catalogs to all web and mobile platforms with no additional plug-ins or extensions.  This enables them to provide high-quality 3D product development at a fraction of the price of their competitors, making it an affordable option to smaller retailers.

“The online retail sales environment is increasing by 16.7 percent year-over-year, but with the ever-increasing price of tech development, it’s almost impossible for smaller retailers to create innovative brand experiences to compete in this market.”  says Israel Medina, CEO of, “Our goal is to make interactive 3D and mixed-reality easily accessible and affordable to everyone.”  

Rendy helps a variety of companies provide a better retailing experience. Other clients of Rendy include WeWork and

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