About the ‘Reader Contributed’ section

The StartUp Beat ‘Reader Contributed’ section is an opportunity for anyone to contribute to the conversation about startups. We accept opinion pieces, press releases, infographics, and blog posts. However, please do not submit advertising copy or anything blatantly promotional in nature.

The idea is to allow all of StartUp Beat’s readers to contribute outside of the main news, features, and guest columns sections of the site, and to allow companies that have product news announcements to post them. Note that contributions will be lightly edited for grammar or spelling errors, but will not be subjected to careful editing like the pieces in the site’s main sections.

If you would like to contribute to StartUp Beat in the ‘Reader Contributors’ section, please send the piece, as a Microsoft Word attachment, to info@startupbeat.com. StartUp Beat reserves the right to reject any contribution for publication. To be eligible for publication on StartUp Beat in the ‘Reader Contributed’ section, please ensure that your submission meets the following guidelines:

-Must have an early-stage startups angle.

-Must be free of significant spelling or grammatical errors.

-Must have a byline or source, and the author or source must link to a valid LinkedIn account (the exception to this is a press release, which can have a contact name and email address from a valid PR/marketing firm or organization in lieu of the LinkedIn link).

-No libelous statements (for guidelines to what legally constitutes libel, please visit: http://dictionary.law.com/Default.aspx?selected=1153).

-No profanity or demeaning content.

If your piece meets these criteria, please do send an attachment, in Microsoft Word, to info@startupbeat.com! If it is selected for the Reader Submissions section, you will receive an email with a link to the published version.