Guru launches audio-guided indoor mapping app for the San Diego Museum of Art

By Editor October 19, 2015

Guru-logo_stackedblue.jpgExperiential technology company creates new app for region’s largest and most visited art museum to modernize the way visitors learn and interact with the institution

SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Museum of Art, the region’s oldest, largest and most visited art museum, launched an audio-guided indoor mapping app, powered by Guru, a new experiential technology company that creates apps and solutions for cultural institutions. Through Guru’s cutting-edge technology, sightseers are now able to easily navigate the Museum and further explore never-before heard information about specific exhibitions. The San Diego Museum of Art’s app is free and easily downloadable on iOS and Android devices, full content access is available for $5, and empowers people to rediscover the institution’s many treasures with convenience.

“We are thrilled to partner with The San Diego Museum of Art to help transform and enhance the learning experience for all visitors. This world-renowned museum features well-known American and international exhibitions and now, with this new app, visitors can elevate their experience like never before,” said Paul Burke, founder and CEO of Guru. “By providing people a platform that empowers them to take charge of their own learning adventure through educational games, fun facts, and customized tour options, we are reinventing the way people interact with cultural institutions.”

The San Diego Museum of Art app features 150 audio tour stops, full mapping of the museum, hours of video, various themed tours and more for both seasoned and first-time visitors to further immerse themselves into the art experience. The app features full beacon enabled technology, including a focus on creative, captivating and approachable content that automatically appears on a smartphone as you walk up to the items, highlighting the history behind the museum’s wide range of collections. Guru integrates consumable knowledge and entertaining factoids within the app breaking down any possible barriers and solely focusing on the stories by serving up pieces of information visitors can easily understand in the most educational and interactive way possible. In addition, users can collaboratively interact with others by posting tips for future visitors, sharing where they have been and mapping visits ahead of time.

“In today’s society, more than half of our visitors carry a smartphone, which makes it essential for us to change the way we distribute information and leverage the advanced solutions of technology,” said Dieter Fenkart-Fröschl, chief operating officer of The San Diego Museum of Art. “We are thrilled to offer our visitors this app, powered by Guru. It allows visitors from all ages to learn more about compelling content surrounding our works of art, exhibitions and the institution’s history. We hope to encourage art education in new ways by offering a solution to our visitors that is accessible from the palm of their hands.”

Once logged in, the app’s technology is able to instantly pinpoint a person’s location as they explore. As users pass through each exhibition, the app lights up with information regarding artists, history, inventors and other hidden secrets waiting to be unveiled.

Guru is in the process of partnering with other museums and organizations locally and internationally to unlock other treasures and mysteries that follow behind each piece or place.

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About Guru

Guru is an experiential technology company that creates apps and solutions for scenic attractions including museums, parks, aquariums and zoos to change the way attendees experience learning at cultural institutions. Guru’s educational platform utilizes cutting-edge solutions to help users easily navigate and explore a specific exhibit or city attraction in seconds by providing exciting information and various tour options fitting for everyone’s interests. The app, customized for each institution, is easily downloadable and available on iOS and Android devices and serves as an expert tour guide to encourage users to take ownership of their own experiences in a modernized way. The Guru team seeks to bring a fresh perspective on how to approach learning at large establishments and assist individuals in rediscovering historical hidden gems that come with exploring well-known attractions.

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About The San Diego Museum of Art

Providing a rich and diverse cultural experience, The San Diego Museum of Art houses the world’s finest art in America’s Finest City. Located in the heart of Balboa Park, the Museum’s nationally renowned collections include Spanish and Italian old masters, South Asian paintings including the Edwin Binney 3rd Collection of Indian paintings, and 19th and 20th century American paintings and sculptures. The Museum regularly features major exhibitions of art from around the world, as well as an extensive year-round schedule supporting cultural and educational programs for children and adults. At The San Diego Museum of Art, exhibition text is always in English and Spanish.