HappyFox announces public launch of HappyFox Chat after beta platform gains 10,000 customers

By Oliver Griffin December 23, 2016

HappyFox, a platform that serves as a help desk and customer support software solution, is pleased to announce the official launch of HappyFox Chat. The new live chat program is the most integrated live chat software available, bringing over 30 deep integrations with eCommerce, CRMs, Marketing and Helpdesk apps.

HappyFox helps companies provide exceptional service to their customers. The platform has progressed from a Beta platform after gaining 10,000 customers since July 2015. HappyFox Chat is unveiling new features alongside its official launch. This includes an integration with Facebook Messenger, an integration with Hubspot, and a mobile reporting app. All of these new functions will help businesses to help their customers to the best of their abilities. The platform also costs 25 per cent to 30 per cent less than rival offerings, giving better value for customers in the process.

“We believe live chat will soon become the most preferred channel of customer service and engagement both for consumers and businesses,” says founder and CEO Shalin Jain. “We wanted to build a system that could perform exceptionally well at scale and efficiently enough to disrupt the business model. We are excited to serve millions of chats going forward.”

HappyFox hopes to become the go-to problem solver for the customer support industry, and to earn a reputation as a platform that helps companies make both agents and customers happy again.

According to reports from technology consultant Gartner, the worldwide market for public cloud services will be worth $204bn in 2016, representing year-on-year growth of 16.5 per cent. Similarly, cloud application services – including Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions – are forecast to contribute 18.5 per cent of this ($37.7bn), the equivalent of 20.3 per cent year-on-year growth.

“We want people to see HappyFox as their go-to option for all their customer service needs,” Jain continues. “With HappyFox Chat we offer the most holistics and complete service to businesses that want to boost their customer service. Our new chat platform is easy to use and designed with both businesses and their customers in mind.”


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