Personalize birthday wishes with this video startup

By Sergio Ramos March 21, 2018

HashCut wants to simplify the creation process of video clips so that users can have multiple reasons for using them on the web. The app’s video platform now wants to highlight this function for birthdays, allowing users to leave unique birthday wishes for their family and friends.

The HashCut platform stands out by offering an easy and fast way of creating short films and video clips, allowing hundreds of millions of users to capture and personalize their favorite moments from any YouTube video and share them on their social networks through laptops and mobile devices.

On top of being able to make quick short films in a simple way, users also have the option of adding text, emojis, and stickers over their clips to create fun memes or even combine various clips in just one video to create mashups.

To create personalized birthday messages users can access HashCut’s website from any desktop computer or mobile device, or download the extension available through Google Chrome, and immediately begin searching YouTube videos they would like to copy.

Afterward, users can search a video and select beginning and ending points to create the clips that they want and immediately start the process where they add text and stickers.

The resulting clips stay on YouTube through the corresponding storage made by HashCut. Once users have created a finished product, they can then share it easily on their social networks.

*This article was translated and republished from DobleClic