Healthcare MarketMaker launches ChiroMarkets

By Editor May 12, 2015

First Agnostic Online Marketplace for Chiropractors Helps Increase Practice Values

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 12, 2015)– Healthcare MarketMaker, the first cloud-based application built on proprietary tools matching unique practice needs with curated solutions, has launched ChiroMarkets™ to serve the specific demands of chiropractors. The first online agnostic marketplace within the Healthcare MarketMaker suite of marketplaces, ChiroMarkets™ allows chiropractors to evaluate the economic health of their practice and select high-quality curated partners that can help maximum the value of their practice.

“ChiroMarkets™ offers the more than 60,000 licensed chiropractors across the country a free online resource for finding vendors that will improve patient care while enhancing the bottom line,” said Tony Corley, founder and president of Healthcare MarketMaker. “These vendors are not only pre-qualified, but chiropractors can logically select the best fit based on feedback supplied through their practice assessment. This virtual process eliminates the guesswork and wasted time traditionally required to research, vet and choose an accountant, broker, insurance agent, equipment manufacturer or other necessary vendors. Our goal is to simply empower and educate the provider and help them find the right vendor easily and quickly.”

Chiropractors can identify a desired vendor, known as mPartners™, by browsing pre-qualified providers and connecting with candidates of interest for more information. While the pool of mPartners™ will constantly grow and evolve, current categories of solutions include accounting, banking, digital marketing, real estate, and practice brokering.

“We gathered extensive insights from nearly a hundred chiropractors to make sure ChiroMarkets™ fulfills expectations to include making the most critical mPartners™ available right away. Our research, and especially feedback while exhibiting at the Tennessee Chiropractic Association and Georgia Chiropractic Association conventions last fall, led us to this outstanding core group of mPartners and we couldn’t be more pleased to offer their services on ChiroMarkets™,” said Corley. “We anticipate adding other mPartners™ frequently moving forward and considering ChiroMarkets™ the first step in a long-term vision to create value by meeting providers at the intersection of need and technology enabled convenience.”

Prior to considering an mPartner™, chiropractors can evaluate the economic health of their practice by getting a free value assessment using ChiroMarkets proprietary mScorecard™. The value of a practice is assessed by providing revenue, cash flow and assets, which is then compared within a range of industry standards for chiropractors. The results can reveal where a practice might have deficiencies and provide direction on what type of mPartners™ might be appropriate to effectively address issues.

Virtual marketplaces for physical therapists and dentists are currently in development and projected to launch later this year as the next branded platforms in the Healthcare MarketMaker family. Healthcare MarketMaker is a graduate of the exclusive Jumpstart Foundry 2014 accelerator program at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and LaunchTN’s TENN Program, a master accelerator for graduates of Tennessee’s nine startup accelerators.

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