Kontu to Bring Early STEM Learning to Children with Modern Update of Wooden Building Blocks

By Sam Brake Guia August 16, 2019

Kontu today announces the launch of its line of patent-pending magnetic wooden blocks and cards designed to promote STEM thinking and discovery in young children. The line gives a modern update to the classic set of wooden blocks for children to play with in today’s age of technology. 

The modular, magnetic wooden blocks serve as a screen-free, multi-sensory learning tool designed for STEM learning at a young age. Alone or through guided play, children may explore and learn about numbers, magnetism, weights and balances and other STEM concepts. Early math isn’t comprised of lectures at a chalkboard – children learn through play. They need engaging, hands-on, multi-sensory (not just tapping and swiping!), experiences where they can playfully explore early math and other STEM concepts in a real-life context. Kontu achieves this with its wooden blocks, aiming to be the most comprehensive screen-free early math product on the market. 

It’s crucial that parents get their kids started in STEM as early as possible. As many already know, a large amount of gender and racial disparity persists in STEM-related fields, with only 26% of STEM jobs held by women. Shanmugam & Kin (2014) found that it’s not only possible but also critical that we begin teaching our children numeracy in preschool and possibly even earlier. 

“As a new parent, I became fascinated with my daughter’s brain development. This period of childhood development is critical and sets a person’s trajectory in later life. But I was surprised by how few products I found to help me engage her in STEM thinking, specifically with early math,” said Patrick Greenwood, founder of Kontu. “So I set out to create a sustainable, safe, and engaging toy for my daughter that I could also use as a way to engage her mind. Now, after three years of research and development, Kontu is ready for pre-order.”

To further its mission of helping parents inspire STEM thinking in their children, Kontu plans on committing 2% of its profits to various children’s nonprofits to support equitable early childhood education. 

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company