Lightning Pitch: Decibite

By Editor February 26, 2015

Decibite-logoCOMPANY: Decibite


Zappos for web hosting.


Decibite offers non-technical entrepreneurs the benefits of owning a server without the headache of maintaining one.

  1. Direct technical support.
  2. Full resource accountability and transparency.
  3. Encryption-based security and privacy features.
  4. An asset customized to fit your needs.

We will also plant trees to offset all server CO2 emissions.

Many of these are geared towards technical developers. As such, we believe they are too complicated for the non-technical entrepreneurs. Not only will our language be clear and simple, we will provide direct access to our technical support team. Very few hosting companies provide clear resource transparency. Those that do charge with a complicated usage fee. We provide the tools for resource transparency with simple pricing; and if someone no longer needs their resources, they can either rent or resell their server space.

As we grow, we will also begin incorporating a third-party marketplace for these entrepreneurs to benefit from other valuable resources, such as services from developers, graphic design artists, and marketers.

Decibite server-wall


Ben Leavitt – Co-founder and CTO of Negative0 and Decibite. Ben has been working in the IT world since 2002 doing everything from laptop repair to advanced infrastructure management systems.

Cedric Le Varlet – Co-founder of Negative0 and Decibite as lead web developer. Cedric received a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Technologies, and has been developing back-end technologies since 2004.

Jason Quey – Founder and CMO of Crowdfunding Clinic and GotBusinessQuestions. Former eBay entrepreneur turned marketing mixing board master.

HEADQUARTERS: Calgary, Canada



TWITTER: @decibite