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By Editor February 12, 2015

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PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: FeedMe is a multimedia food network connecting chefs and foodies like never before! In FeedMe we feature culinary experts and industry leaders, chefs, bloggers, and artisans, and showcase their amazing food media such as videos, recipes, articles, and photographs all available for foodies with one click. Each culinary expert has their own unique channel, and foodies can browse through it, collect items they like, comment, share, communicate with other foodies, and converse with the experts on FeedMe. This is a unique and direct platform to explore, discover, get inspired, and find high-quality, curated content and the exciting culinary professionals behind it.

We built a product that people can easily engage with and find what they are looking for. We hand-picked unique experts that want to communicate with foodies who appreciate quality and craftsmanship, and they want to do it on a platform that’s just for them.

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FOUNDERS: We are three founders. Oron Franco is founder and CEO. He is a chef who started his culinary life in New York City, graduated from The International Culinary Center and opened a successful business in 2010 called The Private Chef NYC.

Riki Franco is a co-founder and PM. She brings years of experience in business development and finance, she holds a bachelor’s degree in business and finance, and a master’s degree in business and international management.

Boaz Ackerman is a co-founder and CTO. He is a software engineer with 15 years experience. He was a computer engineer in the IDF intelligence core for more than ten years, and holds a Bs.C in computer engineering and an MBA in management.


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