Lightning Pitch: IP Nexus – LinkedIn for innovation and intellectual property

By Editor April 10, 2015

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LinkedIn for innovation and IP.


IP Nexus connects startups, inventors, entrepreneurs, universities, and other intellectual property (IP) owners with experts who can help them build successful businesses and protect and monetize their IP.

Especially when just starting out, it can be difficult to find the right advice to build a business, attract investors, and protect ideas and brand in a competitive global marketplace. More established ventures, including those seeking to monetize IP assets, need solutions that match their needs, market, products, and technology.

From free expert Q&A to a worldwide directory of over 1,800 lawyers, patent attorneys, investment professionals and other experts, IP Nexus offers solutions for users to protect and monetize their innovations and IP, whatever their budget or stage of venture.

Our founders are experts in law, finance, and business, and have developed a unique set of features to make us the only global ‘one-stop-shop’ for innovation and intellectual property. Users can find information and expertise to meet their exact needs and market their startup and inventions worldwide—and all with a free account!

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Dr. Hidero Niioka, founder and CEO

Our founding team worked in IP law and finance and met many entrepreneurs and inventors who found it difficult to find the right expertise and services to help them protect or make money from their inventions. Similarly, many startups and entrepreneurs didn’t even know that IP protection was necessary, or had made wrong and potentially costly assumptions, leaving their brands and products unprotected. In some cases, competitors had tried to exploit their lack of knowledge and attempted to take their inventions or put them out of business.

IP Nexus was founded to make it easier for inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, universities, and companies of all sizes to get information and identify the right experts to help them by providing free Q&A, job postings, and a global directory of lawyers, business consultants, investors, patent attorneys, and other experts. By using our website to increase their knowledge and resources, entrepreneurs and other users can better protect their brands, products, and inventions from infringement, attract investors, and make money from their intellectual property assets.

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