Lightning Pitch: Kikr – Personalized shopping that pays you

By Editor March 13, 2015

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Personalized shopping that pays you.


Kikr is a new social commerce platform which connects people with one another through shopping for retail and home goods. We have created mobile-focused apps for iOS and Android that allow users to shop, share, and earn money based on their curated collections of products from partner retailers, brands, and merchants. The simplest way to describe it is Pinterest meets Amazon, in which you are the one to earn commission on any of the recommended items promoted and sold through your network via Kikr, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. All of your commissions are directly loaded onto your Kikr card for you to use however you like.

Problems solved:

No other social commerce channel incentivizes users to curate their own collections and share the product recommendations with others. We are providing a direct method of rewarding users who build and drive traffic to their profiles along with integrating a digital payment solution via mobile card. This caters directly to the shopping habits and behaviors of Generation Z and Millennials.

Kikr is mobile-first and has integrated features that other ecommerce sites and apps do not (BLE Beacon targeting, mobile payments, universal checkout cart), setting ourselves apart from any other social shopping apps in market. We have the ability to close the gap between what is happening online and in-store by incentivizing users via proximity messaging to help with shopping cart abandonment.

We have brought on over 10,000 power influencers prior to launching.

We are unique in that we are combining a digital wallet/payment functionality, couponing and discounts and ecommerce personalization all within the application. Users are encouraged to opt-into consumer purchase tracking in return for offers, deals and monetary rewards based on their past purchase behavior—an angle that none of the aforementioned are using when it comes to mobile shopping applications.


Ali Sammour (founder/CEO)

Serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of mobile, agency, data mining and publisher experience. Omnicom Media, AddThis, USA TODAY, thirteen23, Metropark.

Sufyan Lateef (director/BD)

Business strategy executive specializing in emerging interactive digital technologies and OOH. POSH Media, Samsung, Pattison Outdoor.

Morteza Esfahania (CTO)

Microsoft, John Deere, Eyetea Group Malaysia.

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