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By Editor June 22, 2015

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Crowdsource your business needs. Funds, jobs, clients, buying and sales all on one network. Don’t have what you need? Hunt it down. We donate 20 percent of our profit.


Ever wondered what it would be like to start and own your own business? Those that have tried know it just ain’t easy. And it doesn’t make a difference what your business is, whether you are a freelancer, established business, tech startup or a small business in your own community. We are all faced with the same challenges. If you are seriously considering starting or have a business you have gone further than most. Most get stuck at the dream, the idea, the bag of wind.

As a business owner (or soon to be one) you should be proud of what you are doing. Proud of your enterprise. Your dream. That’s why we call what you do, an ‘enterpride.’ Your Enterpride.

But it doesn’t have to be that difficult, and we are out to prove it. We want to to make the world a better place, not only for business owners, but for everyone. Like on a global scale.

Here’s how. My Enterpride is a network of currently 4 sites, with a 5th being worked on, all based on crowdsourcing, shared economy or whatever other terms are trending this week.

On FUND you can post your project or business idea and get funded by like minded individuals or businesses that need your product.

Once funded, you have to get out there and build the business. Build your product, service or the whole business. You can get help to do that from the experts, the freelancers, the consultants, that army of business owners just waiting to help you on WORK.

Now to start selling. We have two ways you can sell. Create a group buying deal or daily deal on DEALS. We don’t take a commission and you decide when the deal runs.

If your business isn’t suited to daily deals or you don’t want a 48 hour limited sales window, then you can make use of our last offer. TRADE is a regular ol’ type marketplace with a product or service listing and sales directly online.

The beauty of all this is that it works both ways, you can both sell and buy from the same network.

We are currently working on HUNTER. If we don’t have what you need you can post a hunt for it. Whether it be a deal on a laptop, a business mentor, a website, a plugin, whatever. Other businesses vote your hunt up or down. Once a week we tally up the votes and find the top 10 (at least to start off with anyway) and we will hunt them down and get someone to post it on the network by the following week.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Like I said we are subscription based. It’s always free if just want to buy or hunt. To sell as a business we ask for $99/month per site access or $199/month for access to all sites. Quite simple really. No commissions. So you get to pocket 10-50 percent more of your earnings.

From your subscription we take 20 percent along with our $2.00 transaction fee and split it equally between UNICEF and World Food Programme. That’s because we believe that basic education and not going to bed hungry should be a right afforded everyone on the planet. And because we are really nice people.

We believe that good business can be a powerful motor to dive real change and create a better world.

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Even though I have used WE several times, in truth it is only I so far. I tend to use ‘we’ because I think of myself as a proxy for the many I am trying to help, both businesses and those usually hidden from our view.

I am Jason Lorjé and have worked with sales and marketing for large multinational corporations most of my career. I am educated as a veterinarian, but I had to switch tracks. I quickly developed a passion for B2B sales and marketing. My Enterpride is an amalgamation of my ideas, experience, entrepreneurial spirit and desire to make help others make their Jobsian ‘dent in the universe’.

Want to get involved in the project, let me know.

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