The Lightning Pitch: Why reMarkable is totally incredible

By Oliver Griffin January 26, 2017

Company: reMarkable

Headquarters: Heaven, probably (Oslo, Norway).

Founding team: Angels. Gods among men. Or more likely some dude called Magnus Wanberg.

Why we like it: Ok so full disclosure — it’s only available to pre-order. We haven’t even touched one. But it looks F-asterisks-asterisks-asterisks-ing incredible. This is a game changer. It is also beautiful and along with that coffee kettle we have never wanted anything more badly in the world. Except a new president, maybe. 

Hinty-hint-hint, family members reading this.

You remember the Kindle, right? The innocuous, all encompassing eReader from Amazon that helped spread eReaders far and wide across the world. Well, essentially, reMarkable is the paper-feeling note-taking hand-writing device that Kindles were born to be.

At it’s most simple, reMarkable is a paper tablet for people who prefer paper — i.e., who don’t want to spend all of their days sat at a keyboard. It is here to replace your notebooks, sketchbooks and printouts, but also your keyboards. It is a combination of paper-like reading, writing and sketching with digital powers.

The paper-like display provides a reading experience that is superior to the glare of laptop and traditional tablet screens (lol, traditional tablet screens — we’ve come a long way, mankind). Users can write and annotate directly on to the surface like they would on paper and let their eyes indulge the pages in comfort. Instantly transfer documents, PDFs, textbooks and e-books wirelessly with ease.

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This frankly wonderful looking product is not only a notebook for handwriting, but also a note taking system. It lets users organize multiple notebooks with ease and capture every thought with virtually unlimited pages. There are also options that allow for choices of template, whether it’s squares, lines or dotted.

The team at reMarkable says, “We love paper, but compared to our digital devices it’s an island […] We are making paper digital, connected, limitless. With digital powers, paper becomes even more powerful.”