Lightning Pitch: Whatfix – Enhancing self-service capability of any web product

By Editor April 17, 2015

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COMPANY: Whatfix


Enhancing the self-service capability of any web product.


Whatfix helps businesses to simplify the online experience of users by eliminating confusions and doubts. Use Whatfix and enhance the self-service capability of your product.

Whatfix features:

–  Create walkthroughs with just a few clicks: No coding skills, no training needed, and easy editing.

–  Get walkthroughs into various formats without any additional effort –slideshows, articles, videos, widgets, and scripts for in app help.

–  Create walkthroughs on third-party applications—Whatfix works well with Google Apps, Salesforce, NetSuite and many more.

–  Single tools for your support, onboarding and training needs.

–  Improve user engagement—use Whatfix walkthroughs to identify users’ pain points and eliminate them.

Want to Increase revenue, enhance customer support and innovate your training? Try Whatfix!


Khadim Batti

An alumni of IIIT-B after a bachelor’s of Engineering from University of Mumbai with over 12 years in the industry. He was heading the business intelligence department at Huawei Technologies. An inherent drive and passion for technology has forced Khadim to follow his dreams and become an entrepreneur.

Vara Kumar

An all-out techie, a powerhouse of tireless can-do enthusiasm who eats and breathes technology. With over 10 years in the industry, he was a technical head and successfully architected business intelligence and deep packet inspection solutions at Huawei.

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HEADQUARTERS: Bangalore, India



TWITTER: @Whatfix