LINK Agency: Utilizing TikTok to Skyrocket Brand Awareness

StartupBeat Team
By StartupBeat Team January 21, 2022

One could say that 2021 taught us many things, but it could be argued that one of its most interesting lessons was how valuable the art of going viral is—giving people the capacity to reach millions from their at-home wifi connection. TikTok is undoubtedly the front runner platform when it comes to this viral phenomenon, and was the second most downloaded app in the US in November with 4 million downloads and about 80 million monthly active users. 

No matter what your prerogative is, if you hit that stride of going viral on TikTok, you can pretty much sell anything. This is evidenced with everything from the ludicrous challenges that have swept up millions, to musicians who have launched or even resurrected their music careers via TikTok videos.

This truly shows the potential in gaining an audience via TikTok’s popularized platform—and companies can also get on this bandwagon to reach their communities and potential clientele. Savvy businesses can play into the hands of the times and utilize this new fast track to propagate both their product and brand and LINK Agency is an agency that is helping them to do just that.

Let’s take a look at how LINK wields the power of TikTok to get companies in front of the eyes of the people that make their business possible. 

The Fransisco Founding Story 

“The Franciscos”, the two founders of LINK Agency, met 11 years ago in Lisbon. Brought together over a common first name but more importantly over a common ambition to create a lasting impact on humanity through entrepreneurship, Lopes and Schmidberger finally set out on a journey to achieve this goal in 2019.

They started by buying 3x Grammy awarded Bill Withers’ house with his former studio in the Hollywood Hills. Next, they surrounded themselves with music artists. Finally, they hosted content creators for collaborations in this space to create an eclectic creative environment to start a true peer-to-peer network—colliding means, motive, and opportunity to create their agency.

After spending hundreds of hours watching how creators produce content, they found that, more than any other platform, TikTok was the rawest and most authentic platform in which users consume and engage in entertaining content. That insight marked the beginning of LINK’s main focus—constructing viral brand presences on TikTok. Creating a network of content creators to connect with each other through “collabs”, LINK embodies LinkedIn for creators, based out of the Frasnsico’s very own home in Los Angeles.

The New Norm: Short-Form Content 

It was shown that 93% of marketers have landed a customer via social media video and this is probably because 68% of people would watch a business video if it is under a minute—pretty much what TikTok’s entire platform is designed at. LINK Agency is a self-proclaimed “TikTok Brand Factory” that helps clients understand their needs within the TikTok world, and how they can help them add value and level up their brand presence within the platform. 

Specializing in creative concepts, LINK first conducts a deep dive into a client’s brand identity and then leverages their in-house expertise in social trends to translate it into TikTok format, creating optimal campaigns via their patent-pending methodology. Their know-how of what makes content perform on the platform is crystallized on a proprietary framework that they use with clients to achieve unmatchable CPMs, a marketing term used to denote the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one web page. 

Using music as a key disruptive method in establishing viral brand presences, they utilize producers and platform expertise to create beats for brands—creating a unique beat for every brand. Having your brand’s own jingle is huge in accruing User Generated Content (UGC)—something that is extremely important today as it​​ is original, brand-specific content created for your demographic of customers. 

Harnessing the understanding of what campaigns need from end-to-end—from Gen Z talent contracting, to creative strategizing and formatting, to monitoring and reporting of the performance—LINK has got all bases covered in hitting a home-run for viral content. Utilizing short-form content to its full capacity, LINK generates entertaining ads to escalate brands’ reach.

Forging a New Era of Brand Awareness

LINK Agency has generated over 3 billion organic impressions and ignited over 2 million user-generated content videos for Fortune 500 and other billion-dollar companies, working with some of the largest creators on the platform.

Outside of launching brands to the next level via their formulas and methods that seem to be laced with rocket fuel, the company also supports the LINK Creator Scholarship program, which provides creators with time for career support and advice. This even further propels the company in their goals to network creatives far and wide, but more importantly, holds them true to the core of their mission—which is to truly generate human impact.

  As Gen Z and short-form content come to rule the realm of marketing, LINK will be the first place to look for help in skyrocketing your brand’s awareness in 2022. For businesses or creators interested in taking their brand to the next level with LINK, follow the link here.

Francisco Schmidberger, co-founder at LINK
Francisco Lopes, co-founder at LINK