Media aggregator introduces web-based product

StartupBeat Team
By StartupBeat Team February 7, 2023

It’s no laughing matter that the explosion of fake news has created serious adverse effects, including mistrust in the media and our elections, and more.

To begin to address this, international tech developer NT CONNECT announced this week that its mobile app can now be accessed via the web.

NOOZ.AI is a company on a mission to improve the news media industry by using AI and machine learning to provide insight into different types of bias found in news articles.

The company’s web version, announced this week, will be available via any browser, providing individuals the ability to explore media influence through personalized scoring and media bias detection systems.

Said Garry Paxinos, CTO at NT CONNECT, “Biased reporting is a major concern in today’s society. Misinformation is the most commonly (mis)used buzzword. But the reality is that language itself can be used to manipulate and persuade the casual reader.”

“By objectively analyzing language, we avoid the subjective bias found in other approaches. As opposed to subjectively labeling misinformation, our approach is to illuminate how one can be manipulated with exaggerated headlines, revision history, and text of articles,” added the executive.

The company’s revamped scoring system is composed of NOOZSCORE, the overall amount of persuasive language, NOOZMETRICS, sentiment, propaganda, opinion, revisions, and ghost edits analysis, and NOOZREACTION, that offers a more relatable interpretation of the previous ratings in the form of illustrations and idioms.