Meet the invisible layer of productivity in your browser

By Editor February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016 – Altering the longer process by creating a shortcut has always been preferred by tech junkies, therefore, Preseed launched Todoed, one of their many innovative products readied in their own Web Lab. Todoed is a Google Chrome extension to manage tasks with one motive – “Make life simpler!” Todoed is the brainchild of Nishchal Kesarwani, Founder & Director at Preseed, a man on a mission to inspire a generation of entrepreneurs in this new game-changing era of free information and free tools. A renowned professional for his unique & inspiring work beliefs, & his ever-imaginative simplistic ideas. Working under pressure & juggling with numerous tasks and their strict deadlines is always a fuss for all professionals; hence the perfect answer is Todoed! Assign the task to your colleague at one go right from within the chats, intuitively turning any text into a task with just one right click, an exclusive app to convert your work hassle-free. For all the corporates Todoed is a renaissance of technology in the 21st century to all urban professionals who use social platforms to communicate by opting for this exciting application. Todoed has introduced its first browser plugin for Chrome, also secretly testing the mobile versions behind the scenes.

Key Features :
A chrome browser extension
Select any text on your browser and add to your or co-worker’s task-list with just a single right click.
Manage different accounts and delegate tasks to your entire team.
Mark as important to differentiate
Keep all your to-dos in sync.
Edit the tasks.
Works on any platform, like Facebook, Gmail, Yammer, etc.

Todoed (beta) is a pre-task management application especially suited to remote workplace casual environments where co-workers discuss tasks on chats. It helps you & your co-workers have a raw to-do list while you both engage in discussions on any web platform. Not a full task management tool but a way to quickly assign tasks by highlighting and right-clicking on any text anywhere on the browser. Todoed makes chatting productive and assigning tasks easier. One could now focus on the real tasks at work rather than maintaining their task lists. A great tool for time management! Today communications, whether work or personal, happen mostly on chats via Facebook, Gtalk, etc. Todoed acts as the first point of reference for such work chats for further organising your tasks later on Asana, Producteev, etc.

Nishchal says, “The clear strength of this product is in its simplicity and novelty, hard to find now a days, in productivity tools. Most of them are rip offs of each other, just designed differently. Todoed is fundamentally different which makes it very worthy of attention from extra-ordinary companies. Above all, this is the first MVP of Preseed”

How to Download
• Go to Todoed
• Download & Install Chrome Plugin, it’s free!
• Sign up using your Gmail account.
• Add co-workers to your list by inviting them.