Microsoft Decoded Show is back with its Season 3

By Conrad Egusa December 10, 2018

Microsoft has announced that Decoded Show is back for its Season 3. 

The first episode of the new season, “Open Robotics Meets the Open Road,” is now available to watch on YouTube. In the episode audiences are brought in to learn about more about the field robotics. Guests include BMW and SwRI.

“We aim to engage viewers with a story that’s full of interesting characters, engaging in storytelling, and also educational and technical,” said Executive Producer Dan Behrendt.

The episode starts out in San Antonio, Texas where we meet with Matt Robinson from SwRI and look at robots in the research laboratory. We’re then brought to Germany to look at how BMW is innovating in logistics using smart transport robots in their production facilities.

“While producing this video I was amazed with the groundbreaking work being done in the world of robotics. I felt myself drawn more and more into the field as we met with its thought leaders,” said Behrendt.

“Learning about open robotics, how important it is for robots of all shapes and sizes to collaborate was exceedingly fascinating.  It was also amazing to see how forward thinking BMW is with their in plant engineering.  Retrofitting robotics into existing plants, which are hazardous dynamic environments with lots of moving parts and live workers interacting is impressive.”

Founded by Microsoft General Manager Dave Mendlen and Technical Fellow John Shewchuk, Decoded takes viewers around the globe and shares modern developer best practices.