Nepali online matrimony startup to include Callitme reviews

By Editor February 25, 2016

Fast growing technology startup to search for brides and grooms has announced that it is entering into a strategic partnership with Callitme.

NepaliVivah users will now be able to link their profiles to Callitme profiles to show an added trust factor. NepaliVivah is a member only matrimony platform for Nepalese. Members are able to create profiles, search for a suitable bride or groom and interact with a potential partner before making a decision on marriage.

Finding a new partner online is exciting but also challenging because members have no idea who they are meeting online. Members usually write nice things about themselves. However, it is difficult to verify the accuracy of those statements. Getting married is a once in a lifetime event. With Callitme reviews, NepaliVivah is hoping that the members would check the reviews of a member they are seriously considering. NepaliVivah completed a testing and found that profiles with user reviews were perceived more trustworthy than the ones which didn’t have reviews.

Callitme is a peer reviewed network where member profile reviews are created by the people they know thereby increasing the trust level. “Our members have unique profile. At a glance, you can see what other people are saying about the member. While there are several profiles on the web where members talk about themselves and show how good they are, Callitme members get reviewed by their friends, family or co-workers. When people see reviews from friends and family, it portrays a whole different picture of the person”, says Ash Shrivastav, the founder of Callitme. He said that when you are meeting someone online, the biggest factor of concern that comes in our mind is the degree of trust and Callitme is dedicated to establishing trust online.