Not sure about how to use AI at your company? AppliedAI is here to help

By Editor August 7, 2017

For the average Joe artificial intelligence (AI) remains just an interesting topic to read about. However, businesses are now turning to AI for a boost in their business.

AI already answers customers’ questions, listens to your customers’ questions and suggests real time answers to sales reps, watches videos and analyzes websites to estimate whether they are safe for brands’ ads. Artificial Intelligence and data specialists, appliedAI, now lists the 100+ ways businesses can use AI. For each area of AI application, you can examine references from businesses using that technology and get detailed information of vendors providing the technology.

applied ai

Cem Dilmegani, Co-Founder at appliedAI

Cem Dilmegani, the Co-Founder of appliedAI – also a former top management consultant at McKinsey & Company – views data provided by IT analysts like Gartner or IDC, as flawed, due to its subjective nature.

In the current age of dataism, he can not understand how some companies can still make purchasing decisions based on metrics like “completeness of vision”, a metric impossible to define or measure in any quantitative or objective manner.

He believes that readily-available information about vendors is currently clouded with a lack of transparency and objectivity, that gives market elders an unfair advantage, over smaller or newly-emerging companies with less capital. Without transparency, it is more difficult for technology leaders to leave the vendors that are already serving them, to take a chance with new vendors, especially if they can learn little about them.

The company provides the chance for vendors to portray their products, summarize their current level regarding number of employees and funding, explain how enterprises can benefit from their services and provide text and video references. These objective listings and analyses based on those give opportunities to smaller AI firms.

Their website also features case studies that companies can use to tackle similar issues they are facing.

“Hopefully, this can be a step in leveling the field for new entrants and serve as the basis for data driven vendor selection decisions,” commented Dilmegani in a press release.