Noysi: communication software for modern business needs

By Sam Brake Guia August 7, 2017
communication software

Since Ray Tomlinson sent the first-ever email in 1971, the internet has quickly become our main method of communication.

From the early days of MSN to modern business meetings with participants stretching from around the globe technology has progressed our ability to communicate drastically, and only continues to becoming more efficient and streamlined. As clear communication is fundamentally important for a business’ success, resulting in a need for high quality software and technology in order to keep up.

While emails may have been useful previously, they are no longer sufficient for our modern business needs. One company that understands this and is striving to make an impact is Noysi.

This Spanish startup is what you would get if you were to combine Dropbox, Slack and Jira/Asana, making your corporate communications and task management easier and more effective. This platform allows easy workplace communication management, using real-time text chat, along with individual and group video calls, and includes unlimited archiving, task management with broadcast and screen sharing features.

While this $67.4 billion market already contains big players such as Microsoft Team, Slack and Amazon chime, Noysi separates itself from the competition in one important area. Unlike their competition, Noysi does not depend on third-party tools, therefore centralising all communications, file sharing and real-time interactions for more efficient communications that improve performance.

Noysi was founded by Héctor Castillo, a former pilot, orchestra director and dedicated musician, with an ambition to create a platform that meet modern business’ communication needs.

communication software

Hector Castillo, CEO at Noysi

“The market is full of services, but no company can reasonably purchase separately all the solutions that would radically improve its employees’ productivity, for budget reasons. We want to encourage this change from one platform, viable for any business no matter if it’s in Europe, Asia or Latin America,” states Castillo.

Noysi offers a free version of its software that includes 10,000 messages and 5 gb of storage. A full version of the software is also available which removes any restraints at a price that has made it a competitive alternative in Spain, India, China, Russia and Latin American markets. Moreover, In May, Noysi signed an agreement with TokBox, Telefónica’s subsidiary specialised in live video services, with ambitions of advancing their market share.

The company’s growing success indicates a need within this market for a more wholesome solution for businesses. As workers become more familiar with the idea of working from home, or wherever they have an internet connection, businesses will need to focus on maintaining a strong level of communication between workers. Services like the one Noysi provides are likely to see a huge spike in customers as a result, connecting business and workers fast and more efficiently than ever before.