Obie Launches Free Browser Extension To Accelerate Sharing Of Workplace Documents And Internal Knowledge

By Sam Brake Guia June 30, 2020

Obie today announces the launch of its brand new browser extension to democratize access to Obie’s core search, access, and sharing functionality. The extension comes off the heels of two new plans – Personal Pro and Personal Free – that decouple Obie’s powerful search functionality from Slack for the first time, allowing individuals and teams to accelerate knowledge sharing.

Obie makes finding and sharing knowledge faster and easier than ever before, thanks to its AI-powered search capabilities. The free browser extension accelerates knowledge capture, reuse, and discovery in everyday work, perfect for individuals. Obie creates a single source of truth for any team’s file search needs. It aims to save users’ time with:  

  • Faster Sharing: Deliver solutions faster by quickly searching and sharing answers, documents, and articles when and where questions get asked;
  • Faster Answers: Build a searchable and accessible database of answers to repetitive questions that come up in your everyday work – replacing sticky notes, text snippets, frequently accessed data, instructions, and other procedures;
  • Faster Search: Unify search across disparate tools like Google Drive, Confluence, Dropbox, Box, Trello, Github, and many more to make documents easily accessible.

Obie uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand complex queries, as well as machine learning (ML) to improve results with every document search. You can also manually add “FAQs” to store templates, text snippets, and frequently accessed information by simply highlighting the information in your browser and adding it to Obie.   

Since 51% of employees avoid sharing documents because they can’t find them or it would take too long to do so, Obie’s new browser extension comes at an ideal time for teams striving to collaborate better in remote environments. Employees face many challenges with knowledge management and productivity in the workplace. By using Obie, distributed teams can now try out this powerful knowledge sharing technology for themselves, free of charge. 

“With software stacks becoming more fragmented, and workers now lacking the easy ‘shoulder tapping’ habits that typical office environments provide, Obie becomes critical to productivity,” said Chris Buttenham, CEO of Obie. “Our customers are telling us how important our technology is, when it comes to knowledge reuse, training and onboarding, streamlining repetitive tasks, and accelerating knowledge access. As they shift to remote work, companies are thrilled to have this seamless knowledge-sharing experience.”

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company