One of a kind wine lab opens in Burgundy

By Michael Krumholtz May 4, 2018
burgundy wine lab

Maybe it’s a good excuse to remain closer to wine at all hours, but the School of Wine and Spirits Business (SWSB) in Burgundy, France announced recently the creation of the world’s first research lab dedicated soley to behavioral studies within the wine industry.

The focus on behavioral sciences will allow the institution to research how winemakers should produce and sell wine in the most efficient manner.

“The set-up employs experimental economics techniques in order to unearth the emotions, cognitive procedures and decision-making factors that influence the actions and opinions of consumers, producers and experts,” a press release from the SWSB read.

With a new 1,000 squared meter building at the Burgundy School of Business, which encompasses SWSB, students and researchers will have access to a unique Wine and Spirits Lab. There is also a 32-seat tasting room for tasting courses and in-depth wine research.

In addition, the new building that was just erected last year includes a cellar with the campus’ entire wine collection, a spirits section dedicated to liquors, and a business reception area.

The one-of-a-kind research lab for behavioral studies within the wine field will be lead by Professor Nikos Georgantzis, who has previously taught microeconomics and behavioral economics in Spain.

In total, the SWSB that was founded in 2013 trains around 180 students from all across the world. The array of degrees the school offers include a Master’s course in International Wine and Spirit Business, an MBA in the same area, and an MSc in Wine Management.

By working closely with experts in wine production, students are offered the first-hand experience that will allow them to propose new research theories on problems affecting the industry.