Proof of concept showcases new technology inventions at the 2015 Innovation Fair in Los Angeles on Saturday, August 1

By Editor July 22, 2015

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Annual technology demonstration event pairs Silicon Beach innovators and brands with tech fans and public

LOS ANGELESProof of Concept’s 2015 Innovation Fair – the preeminent gathering for top entrepreneurs and business leaders, and the public – will make its debut in Los Angeles next month. The 2015 Innovation Fair will be held in partnership with Minds and Machines, at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica on August 1st from 10am-6pm. Created to demonstrate and showcase the latest technology products emerging out Los Angeles’ technology ecosystem, Silicon Beach, Proof of Concept’s 2015 Innovation Fair will also include family-friendly demonstrations from many of the event’s exhibitors and live music from Southern California’s own High Class Music Group.

The 2015 Innovation Fair is designed to provide startups with new products the ability to gather mission critical feedback and product insights from non-industry participants, and established companies in the technology marketplace an opportunity to give hands-on product demonstrations and consumer-based marketing experiences while consumers interact, tinker and learn about goods on the market.

“Demonstration events designed around a non-industry public, like Proof of Concept’s Innovation Fair, are an important part of the product creation and customer validation processes.” said Cody Simms, Managing Director of Techstars, a mentorship-driven technology accelerator. He added “events like these can also be helpful to determine product-market-fit and get consumer feedback around upcoming products release.”

Proof of Concept’s Innovation Fair is the place where hand-selected products and prototypes—applications, hardware, software, and others—come together to network, display new innovations, and interact with their consumers. More than 40,000 people are expected to gather at this initial event to participate in interactive presentations and engage with a number of top brands, shop, play games, and interact with some of the most influential entrepreneurs whom are making their mark on the technology space. A full list of participating brands and sponsors are listed below.

The Exhibitors selected for Proof of Concept include:

Shyp: Shyp is a mobile application providing on-demand packaging and courier service, utilizing the lowest price by comparing shipping rates across carriers.

Daqri: Daqri develops software and hardware for augmented reality, serving a variety of clients from education, entertainment and manufacturing.

Shark Wheel: Shark Wheel manufactures the literal reinvention of the wheel—a snake-like half cube, half spherical wheel, as seen on ABC’s television show “Shark Tank.”

Ditto: Ditto by Simple Matters is a small, elegant, unobtrusive anti-gadget that provides notifications to a wearable device when important messages are received on a user’s cell-phone.

Pleenq: Pleenq develops software that allows users to create clickable links to items from online photos that lead to retailers’ websites.

Ozobot: Ozobot is an award winning smart robot, designed to teach kids and techies alike about robotics, programming and coding.

Hexlab Makerspace: Hexlab Makerspace provides a workspace dedicated to provide learning opportunities and giving people access to emerging technologies.

Mega Tiny Corporation: Mega Tiny Corporation develops mobile accessories that are beautifully designed and easy to use.

Kinnecting: Kinnecting is a social networking app that allows parents to connect with other local parents whom have kids of similar age and interests.

The Exploratory: The Exploratory is an exploration lab where children are immersed in the joys of inquiry through play-based learning experiences, tinkering, and making.

Beepyo: Beepyo is a peer-to-peer online rental marketplace that encourages social interaction between friends and strangers. Simply put, social renting.

Cyboard: Cyboard is a two-wheel self-balancing personal transportation product.

High Class Music Group: High Class Music Group is an independent record label based in Southern California.

The Presenting Sponsor

Minds + Machines: Minds + Machines provides services in the domain name industry, from registry ownership, operations and consumer sales.

Our Sponsor

Uniregistry: Uniregistry is an ICANN accredited registrar specializing in domain name management.
Community Sponsors include:

Drizly: Drizly is a mobile application allowing users on-demand delivery of alcohol from local retailers.
Blankspaces: Blankspaces provides co-working offices in four locations across the greater Los Angeles area.

La Piñata Party Rentals: La Piñata Party Rentals provides equipment rentals for events.

Brands interact directly with consumers at Proof of Concept’s Innovation Fair, and vise-versa, creating the opportunity for a distinctive one-of-a-kind experience. Product integration, consumer engagement, and word-of-mouth come together authentically at the Innovation Fair. Brands can offer an exclusive first-look at new products and receive vital feedback and exposure.

To learn more about Proof of Concept visit Attendees of the event are also encouraged to share their experience by using the hashtag #2015pocFair on their social media accounts.

About Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept (PoC) is a tech event where entrepreneurs and tech leaders gather with the general public and get critical feedback as they tinker, learn, and understand about the latest technology that is evolving out of Silicon Beach. Proof of Concept curates both start-ups and existing companies in the field of technology, with various levels of funding, to bridge the gap that divides early prototypes inventors from their potential users in a public space, coined the “user space.” Created by Mike Juloya, the Proof of Concept 2015 Innovation Fair will take place at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica on August 1, with an estimated attendance of more than 40,000. More information can be found at