Q&A with Amos Winbush III, CEO, CyberSynchs

By Editor July 14, 2010

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As a follow-up to its company pitch (CyberSynchs: 6/30/10), StartUp Beat did a Q&A with CyberSynchs’ Amos Winbush III, the company’s founder and CEO, about its cloud-based synchronization applications.

SUB: What are the key differentiators that distinguish the CyberSynchs service from other synchronization services?

Winbush: The CyberSynchs Mobile Product supports virtually all mobile devices within all cellular networks.  Carriers such as Verizon support only 27 smart phone devices and just Palm and Windows operating systems.  The CyberSynchs Mobile Product supports 98 percent of all mobile devices as well as Palm, Java, Windows, etc. operating systems.  CyberSynchs is completely carrier and operating system agnostic.  While Verizon has issues switching information from Windows to Palm or Blackberry to iPhone to JAVA, CyberSynchs is not limited.  CyberSynchs Mobile Product has a remote wipe feature.  This feature allows you to wipe out all information in your mobile device if lost, wirelessly.  It also has a universal tracking system, something that Verizon lacks.

The CyberSynchs Universal Data Synchronization system has unique features that allows you to transfer content from your mobile device to any other consumer electronic device such as a printer, digital camera, smart headphones, etc. which is done wirelessly from any location in the world—i.e. a photo can be sent from your mobile device to your printer or a playlist can be sent from your PC to your headphones with just a click of a button on the application.  No carriers offer anything like this.  CyberSynchs has taken time to develop its applications while carriers such as Verizon and T-Mobile have taken only technical information to backend.  They do support calendars, e-mails, address, and books, however they are found to have major issues with supporting media files and photos.  CyberSynchs is able to breakdown the files or images into a generic language which are then sent through a patent transport format into the central node over cellular networks, wi-fi and servers, and encrypts the information so no one has access to it but the account holder.

SUB: Is the service platform/OS agnostic?

Winbush: Yes, CyberSynchs Universal Data Synchronization system support seven operating systems.  Each operating system houses an application that communicates with our Central node and the device to receive and send binary and textual data.

SUB: How are you, or how do you plan to market the service, besides the Sun partnership and your plans for a retail push that you mentioned in your pitch?

Winbush: CyberSynchs has several partnerships currently with Samsung and Microsoft in addition to Sun Microsystems and Oracle.  Currently, we are negotiating with several cable providers in the U.S. , Brazil and Chile to bring over 20 million homes access to CyberSynchs  Universal Synching technology.  The firm also has a strong B-to-C organic growth pattern where users can sign up for the system directly at CyberSynchs.com.  We are very excited to debut our new CyberSynchs.com website within weeks to the public that will bring additional features and functions to the market.

SUB: What are your plans for the company for the next six months or so?  Where do you see CyberSynchs by 2011 in terms of its market position?

Winbush: We are branching out into the overseas market and have begun partnering with major technology firms to integrate CyberSynchs into companies’ product offerings and devices.

SUB: What advice do you have for entrepreneurs just starting out, especially in a still-challenging economy?

Winbush: Try to not over think every little step.  Build the product and release it to the market.  Your users will give you valuable feedback on what they like or dislike.  Focus on building partnerships with established brands.  Build a great network of advisers and Exec within your team to support the growth of the company and product. Lastly—do not take “no” for an answer.

CyberSynchs – www.cybersynchs.com