Qurious launches new AI platform to boost sales teams and speed up onboarding

By Oliver Griffin April 6, 2017

Qurious, a startup that boosts sales teams’ performance by improving the quality of conversations, is marking its official launch. The platform learns directly from teams’ highest performing members and provides real-time battlecards during calls to help close deals.

Qurious shows real-time battlecards in response to customer’s questions and objections while a sales call is happening. The AI platform leverages real-time speech recognition, dialogue management, and integrates with CRM, soft-phones, dialers and web conferencing. Qurious models the back and forth of the conversation, analyzing what’s being said and how it’s said. When Qurious detects a trigger during a phone call, such as a buying signal or objection from the customer, it shows a contextually relevant battlecard to the salesperson to help guide the conversation as it’s happening. If a salesperson is rambling, for example, Qurious nudges the salesperson to stop talking and ask a question.

“We recognized the need for this product as we began our career selling natural language processing software into enterprises,” said Sabrina Atienza, Qurious’ CEO and co-founder.

“Selling was hard. It’s difficult to remember exactly what to say and when; there’s no way to track what works. We have seen many startups collapse due to failure to scale sales cost-effectively. We wanted to create real-time voice A.I. to help salespeople ramp faster, win more deals, and be able to iterate on what’s actually working.”

Qurious is solving how to scale revenue cost-effectively, reducing training time to weeks and boosting top-line revenue. With today’s approaches, it is very difficult to make training stick. Companies create scripts or playbooks, but they’re outdated as soon as they’re created. Also, they’re hard to use when you’re on the phone with a customer because you have to search the document to find what to say. Qurious applies real-time voice Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help every salesperson leverage proven best practices on every call. Each battlecard is tracked and linked to outcomes, so teams can see what’s actually working and A/B test different battlecards. Additionally, for small or new sales teams, the platform offers best practice templates so your team can use something that has been proven to work.

“Playbooks are painful to build and very tedious to maintain,” explained co-founder and CTO George Ramonov. “By continuously analyzing your customer’s questions and which responses are most effective, we give sales teams real-time content development. If a new question comes up, Qurious adds a battlecard to your playbook, so your playbooks evolve with your GTM strategy and are always effective.”

For businesses, sales training is a money blackhole. In 2015, almost $2.5 billion was spent, globally, on sales training. While this is no doubt a hefty sum, the rate at which this training is forgotten is phenomenal. Within 30 days of sales training – at a conference, for example – 79 percent of what was taught is forgotten. Since almost 1 in 8 full-time workers in the US are sales professionals, this problem is massive. Qurious fixes this problem by providing on-the-go, real-time battlecards for sales teams on every single call, powered by voice A.I.

Atienza added, “By improving the quality of conversations with buyers, we improve sales productivity and effectiveness for sellers, including their profit margins and growth rates.”


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