The lightning pitch: Bolton Remote, the remote team builder for global companies

By Tim Hinchliffe October 24, 2016

Company: Bolton Remote

Countries of operation: Singapore, USA, Philippines.

Founding team: CEO Patrick Linton

Why we like it: Because the world is an international place and travelling it is possibly the best way to enjoy thet short lives that er have. Because it might provide a way to escape Brexit for this embittered editor. Maybe both.

Bolton Remote is the staffing firm that allows businesses of all sizes to build and manage remote teams.

For lower, mid-sized companies who don’t have access to the big offshore outsourcing companies, but want to find talent outside of their local area, Bolton Remote is a great solution.

“You can’t write off the whole world – there are skilled, talented, smart people everywhere – it’s damaging to your business in the long run to just think locally. The business world simply isn’t like that anymore,” says Bolton Remote co-founder Patrick Linton “But you have to hire and employ people the right way if you want to take advantage of the benefits.

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According to Linton, big companies like IBM and Accenture are limiting access to the outsourcing practices, which can employ thousands of people, to fellow large companies.

Bolton Remote, which currently supports companies in the US, Europe and Australasia, is an alternative to poor work relationships with remote freelancers. It connects companies to talented workers who want a full-time career and are in it for the long term.

Bolton Remote gives companies the freedom to communicate with and manage their own teams on their own time zones. It also cuts costs, increases competitiveness and offers a secure IT infrastructure where your staff can work. Say goodbye to unreliable freelancers and say hello to skilled, experienced and committed workers.

So here’s how it works:

  • You check profiles of talented remote people by viewing live videos of pre-screened interviews
  • You can re-interview the candidates you’re interested in whichever way suits you best.
  • Once you’ve got your team, a customer care manager will then help you all to get started.

Staff can work in Bolton Remote co-working centers so they can feel more involved with the team and don’t have to deal with classic work-from-home problems such as bad internet connection

Bolton Remote has helped more than 70 companies of all sizes to attract, build, and retain teams in the most cost-competitive talent markets. Be it a production team, a software development team, an admin team or marketing team, Bolton Remote enables you to build the team you’re looking for.

Bolton Remotes is giving startups the support they need to compete in a multicultural, globalized world by letting them reach great employees they might not have necessarily been able to before. It also gives those talented workers more options when it comes to finding good quality, full-time work.