Rokk3r Labs Launches Cobuild Course, helping founders to build great companies

By Oliver Griffin October 25, 2016

Cobuilding – literally their word – platform Rokk3r Labs has announed the launch of a new Cobuild Course. The new offering will arm seasoned and novice entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to turn their ideas into amazing companies. Ending with a pitch day, participants finish with the opportunity to present to investors and get their ideas funded.

The hands-on course is the first step toward making Rokk3r Labs’ methodology available to the masses. The Cobuild Course goes beyond just theory, and enables entrepreneurs to apply proven concepts to their ideas, mitigate risks, and walk away with an execution framework to help them succeed.

Rokk3r Labs has applied cobuilding to more than 40 successful companies, including AdMobilize and HYP3R. The Cobuild Course takes the most relevant and actionable lessons from this experience to help entrepreneurs launch and scale their ideas at a rapid pace, and start their futures.

The 20-hour course will be delivered at Rokk3r Labs’ new Wynwood Miami office, although eventually it will be digitized and made available worldwide. It consists of six sessions – focusing on vision, product, execution, growth, investment and technology.

Throughout the sessions, entrepreneurs learn how to create a higher aspirational purpose for their businesses, discover the right market fit, develop a data-driven decision making mindset, create an effective holistic growth and investment strategy, as well as gain insight into exponential technologies – things like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing. These sessions build toward a final pitch day, on which entrepreneurs will have the chance to present to investors and get funding.

In an age when exponential technologies are integral and constantly evolving, the Rokk3r Labs Cobuild Course equips entrepreneurs with a mindset and culture to successfully leverage the digital revolution and build scalable exponential companies.

“We are extremely excited to help entrepreneurs stop theorizing and start doing, through our new Cobuild Course. Over time, entrepreneurs en masse will have the proper tools to change the world through this platform,” said Rokk3r Labs Managing Director Lorenzo de Leo.  

The Cobuild Course will run from November 2nd to December 14th and cost $2,500 USD. To learn more, visit to register for a free information session on October 26th, held at Rokk3r Labs’ Miami office.


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