Sharing economy platform, People as a Service, makes finding and communicating with freelancers easier than ever

By Editor July 30, 2015


People as a Service has announced its official launch, off of a $425K funding round, making the process of finding and communicating with freelancers easier than ever.

People as a Service raised seed funding in April and was selected as one of Emerge America’s showcase companies. In addition to the launch of its web platform, People as a Service has also debuted iOS and Android applications that complement its hands-on approach. Available for free download, the app acts as a pocket organizer compiling all important projects, tasks, and delegated items. By simply clicking on a task, users can alert People as a Service that a freelancer is required.

Founded by technology executive and entrepreneur, Rolf Ritter, People as a Service enables companies to quickly find qualified, affordable freelancers to complete their tasks. Instead of letting to-dos spiral into a lengthy list, companies can instead delegate their tasks to virtual freelancers via the People as a Service platform — saving them time and money.

In contrast to self-service solutions, which provide businesses with a long list of potential freelancers to choose from and little-to-no support, People as a Service is committed to reducing as much friction as possible from this process and providing responsive support. The company works closely with clients to define the project, and only proposes a freelancer who best fits the job. Through the project, People as a Service follows up to ensure client satisfaction.

“Our personalized solution looks beyond established freelance platforms that are extremely costly, don’t offer any flexibility, and don’t even follow up with clients after the finalization of the project,” explains People as a Service Founder and CEO, Rolf Ritter. “All of our freelancers undergo a personal interview and selection process to verify their skill sets and reliability. With this we make sure that every freelancer is handpicked for each project.”

Unlike other freelance services, People as a Service does not add a percentage to the cost of hiring a freelancer. The key benefit of its subscription model is that it is aligned between the customers and freelancers so that customers only pay one flat monthly fee, plus the cost of the freelancers for the projects they choose. In this way, People as a Service promotes the highest quality, rather than the most expensive projects.

“Most companies are not taking advantage of the sharing economy’s potential of a virtual workforce because other services make it too complex and rigid. Our new payment plan and smartphone application ensures that we can keep offering a truly flexible product to clients who want easy, fast and secure completion of their projects,” said Ritter.