SimplyTell It: A fun new app for tablets

By Editor November 16, 2015


The Nardoir Social presents, SimplyTell It: a fun app for tablets designed to put love and laughter at the centre of every party.

LONDON | 16th November 2015 | SimplyTell It is shaking up the private entertainment sector with its original product for tablet. New on the market, it offers users a unique experience: the ability to create spontaneous and heartfelt moments, captured on video.

Whether it be a birthday, wedding or simply a night spent with friends, bringing people together and creating the perfect, lively atmosphere is every host’s biggest wish. Simply Tell It provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to record a series of questions to put to your guests. Choosing three at random, their replies are then caught on camera.

“Our goal is to provide tablet and mobile users with a new way of sharing with their loved ones, putting friendship, laughter and shared emotion back at the heart of events. Inspired by our own experiences and desire to create intimate and unforgettable moments for our friends and family, SimplyTell It is the first application of its kind and a unique platform for bringing something new and unexpected to any social occasion,” Narcisse Dupre-Paule, co-founder.

The application is available on the App Store for $1.99. Designed for iOS, a version for Android and Windows systems will soon be available.