Snowflake, Gulp Data team up to help companies unlock revenue from data 

StartupBeat Team
By StartupBeat Team February 8, 2024

Gulp Data was founded in 2021, yet in just a few short years this fintech founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs has made huge strides. With a mission to revolutionize the way we think about data and make it straightforward for every business, regardless of size, to leverage data as an asset to drive success.

The company’s services offerings include data valuations, data-backed loans, and data monetization services. Its proprietary technology provides an underwriteable data valuation based on a company’s datasets within just 24 hours, with its solutions having been used to identify and generate hundreds of millions of dollars from data assets utilizing advanced machine-learning techniques.

Now, a new partnership between Gulp Data and Snowflake is set to open up these solutions to a global network of businesses and increase access to data monetization opportunities. 

Gulp Data joins the Snowflake Marketplace 

Thousands of organizations use Snowflake’s Data Cloud for governed access to near-infinite amounts of data, and cutting-edge tools, applications, and services. The Snowflake Marketplace is a core feature of its data cloud, allowing users to securely acquire 3rd-party data sets, tools and applications, and complementary data services without having to move or copy data. 

Gulp Data’s proprietary technology provides an underwriteable data valuation based on a company’s datasets within just 24 hours and, as of today, this service will be available on the Snowflake Marketplace. 

“This partnership represents a significant milestone in data asset valuation and monetization. Combining Snowflake’s proven platform capabilities and expansive Data Cloud with Gulp Data’s innovative valuation technology, we are empowering companies to not only understand but also maximize the financial potential of their data assets,” said Jeremy Bruck, Managing Partner at Gulp Data. 

“Our joint efforts will transform how companies view and leverage data, shifting from traditional data management to creating substantial, tangible value. This partnership is not just about technology integration; it’s about redefining the future of data as a key driver of enterprise growth,” Bruck continued. 

New value from existing assets 

By using Gulp Data’s Snowflake Native App, companies have an opportunity to generate financial value from their data assets by helping them understand how much their datasets are worth, how data products can be priced and packaged, how much demand there is with buyers, and how to enrich datasets to increase their value.

Chris Child, Senior Director, Product Management – Applications at Snowflake commented, “We’re witnessing a rapid acceleration of data sharing and licensing, not just from digitally native companies but from companies across industries. This is a pivotal shift in business strategy as companies increasingly recognize the value of their historically underutilized data assets.” 

“Our integrated solution and partnership provides the resources for companies that don’t want to be left behind by empowering them to develop and monetize a diverse range of data products in Snowflake Marketplace,” Child added.