Lightning Pitch: Snupps is a simple way to organize and socialize, based on the things you love

By Tim Hinchliffe July 21, 2016



Snupps is new form of social networking – available on iOS, Android and desktop – allowing users to keep track of and even sell their personal belongings. Snupps helps to connect people with like-minded individuals, finding inspiration in their collections, and discovering new and exciting products.

Items are stored on virtual shelves along with a title, description, rating, and other classification fields, all of which can be kept private or shared with others. These shelves can be assigned to one 24 user interest groups, where collectors discover, share and connect over possessions of interest.

Snupps was cofounded by Mac Anabtawi, an avid collector from a young age. “For as long as I can remember I have collected stuff,” he explains. Originally a fan of collecting Lego and Pokemon cards, now Anabtawi is a sneaker enthusiast. “I designed Snupps to solve a problem for me, I wanted to connect with other people who collect things like I do.” Today, he is an active user on Snupps, keeping track on his growing collection and making new connections with other fans.

Snupps aims to transform the resale market, helping to better match buyers and sellers, and create connections for a social experience, based on the things they love.