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By Editor October 1, 2015


CloudFabric Accelerates Access to Diverse and Dispersed Data for Optimum Data Migration, Replication and Integration

HOUSTONSoftNAS, the #1 best-selling software-based NAS in the cloud, today announced SoftNAS CloudFabric and SoftNAS UltraFast, along with the SoftNAS CloudFabric Architecture, a complete enterprise data management platform and toolset designed to control, manage and accelerate movement of diverse data across geographically dispersed locations. SoftNAS offers a new software-based data migration, replication, and integration (DMRI) platform to efficiently ingest, migrate, replicate, manage, transform, share and control data more simply – achieving results 5-20 times faster than legacy methods without additional programming.

As more applications and data move outside the corporate data center, enterprises lack full resources to re-engineer their applications and data flows, creating islands of data that are complex, time-consuming, and expensive to integrate exacerbating data security and protection risks. Legacy solutions have required the cobbling together of multiple point products, leading to increased costs, complexities and support risks, at a time when enterprises expect maximum agility, flexibility and responsiveness from IT.

With SoftNAS CloudFabric Architect, a component of CloudFabric, IT administrators use visual drag and drop operations (similar to Visio) to configure complex data migration, replication and integrations, managed and controlled by SoftNAS CloudFabric DataManager, a robust data management platform.

Global enterprises that are plagued by latency, congestion, poor QoS (Quality of Service), and slow data replication across geographically dispersed branch offices, remote offices and factories can sign up for the CloudFabric Tech Preview, which will be available during Q4 2015.

“In many organizations, as much as 50% of data now resides in the cloud. At the same time, there are 10 times as many data types as there were just a few years ago. New applications have caused larger and larger datasets to be created. This perfect storm of dispersed location, additional data types, data sovereignty concerns and explosive data growth makes it imperative for organizations to understand exactly where their data resides. Data no longer exists only or even predominantly in the data center,” according to Alan Dayley and Garth Landers, Gartner.

Disparate Systems across Clouds and Locations
SoftNAS CloudFabric overcomes legacy proprietary and vendor-specific data formats that limit data movement and flexibility.

● Remote Office / Branch Office (ROBO) – SoftNAS CloudFabric provides a virtualized appliance for enterprises with data located in multiple locations and with a need for security, replication, including offshore and outsourced data access and sharing. With SoftNAS UltraFast, enterprises have a software-based WAN storage optimizing solution installed at each individual branch without the need for expensive hardware.
● Global Content Publishing – SoftNAS CloudFabric reduces latency when delivering content to improve the overall customer experience. Content can be broadcast from one centralized location and scaled to meet a global audience at any number of locations.
● Disaster Recovery to the Cloud – Using CloudFabric, diverse data, even distributed globally, can replicate to a central disaster recovery repository in the cloud or in a corporate datacenter, which is ideal for backup consolidation.
● Cloud-Integrated Storage – Enterprises can quickly synchronize data from any source, including legacy systems, and route it through CloudFabric to any destination where and when it’s needed.
● SaaS and Web Services Integration – Applications exposing web services interfaces, like SharePoint® and most SaaS services, can be integrated into other enterprise processes and new web services can be quickly created without programming.
● Big Data Integration – CloudFabric facilitates Big Data analytics by integrating disparate sources of enterprise, user and other data, enabling analytical results for enterprises by handling the necessary global bulk data transfers and ad-hoc data collections.
● IoT Integration – CloudFabric enables enterprise integration of IoT and end-user mobile devices as they continue to proliferate the enterprise environment.

“While technology advances in cloud, SaaS, web services, Big Data and IoT affords numerous advantages, enterprise IT is not equipped with the necessary tools to properly integrate and leverage the technologies together quickly enough to fully capitalize,” commented Rick Braddy, CEO and CTO, SoftNAS. “SoftNAS delivers the portable, software-defined tools that can be rapidly deployed to accelerate adoption, quickly break through the barriers and achieve the flexibility and agility business leaders are expecting from their IT and DevOps teams today.”

About SoftNAS CloudFabric
All SoftNAS products work with CloudFabric and UltraFast which are designed for use by IT generalists and strive to eliminate steep learning curves. SoftNAS CloudFabric incorporates SoftNAS storage products with ZFS on Linux, which uses industry standard protocols such as NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI and more for data protection and security. CloudFabric is highly secure through SSL, SSH, HTTPS and 360-degree encryption at rest and in flight, extending data access via a broad range of protocols, interfaces and formats. SoftNAS CloudFabric features UltraFast, to improve data and storage acceleration over WAN and cloud networks, delivering faster migration, backup, and bulk data movement globally.

About SoftNAS
SoftNAS, LLC, is the leading provider of software-defined, architecture independent NAS products. SoftNAS gives customers the power of data security, portability and access, providing enterprise-class NAS storage and data integration capabilities required to safely, predictably, and reliably operate IT systems and applications. SoftNAS believes in powerful, hassle-free data management and supports the most popular virtualized computing platforms, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, CenturyLink Cloud, VMware vSphere and vCloud Air.

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