SoftNAS introduces SoftNAS Object Filer, a software-defined Files-as-a-Service NAS

By Editor August 27, 2015


HOUSTON – August 27, 2015SoftNAS, the #1 best-selling software-based NAS in the cloud, today announced availability of SoftNAS® Object Filer™, an innovative files-as-a-service NAS that integrates with any object storage. Users benefit from the unbeatable combination of SoftNAS Object Filer and object storage functionality – the most storage capacity for the least cost, no additional hardware, no application modification, and full featured NAS security, data protection, and performance.

According to Scott Sinclair, Enterprise Strategy Group, “Object technology resolves the challenge of storing and protecting large amounts of unstructured data. Traditional storage arrays, which often leverage RAID technology, hit serious limitations at scale.”1

By using software-based SoftNAS Object Filer with object storage, users can easily fully-integrate into existing IT systems, applications and data with new object storage technologies to lower overall storage costs. SoftNAS delivers files-as-a-service so object storage fits and performs well with existing applications that are file-based.

“Traditional file systems face interoperability challenges and growing cost burdens because they’re block-based underneath. Although more enterprises are adopting object storage to improve work with new applications involving large data repositories, most application and user data continues to be file-based and require high performance and traditional NAS capabilities to thrive,” said Rick Braddy, CEO and CTO of SoftNAS. “SoftNAS is software-based so it can be deployed immediately to leverage object storage without sacrificing NAS functionality. It’s the best of both worlds.”

SoftNAS Object Filer allows businesses to choose lower cost, more scalable object storage, replacing expensive on-premise proprietary SANs or legacy hardware NAS filers, while retaining the rich file services and NAS features IT has come to expect when protecting enterprise data.

SoftNAS Object Filer also delivers hybrid cloud storage by leveraging cloud object storage that’s S3-compatible, providing the best file services capabilities for both on-premise and offsite object storage.

SoftNAS Object Filer works in any virtualized environment including but not limited to VMware® vSphere™ and vCloud Air™, Amazon® AWS™, Microsoft® Azure™ and CenturyLink Cloud®.

From within SoftNAS® StorageCenter™, SoftNAS Object Filer supports any S3-compatible object storage and popular object storage products including NetApp, Hitachi Data Systems, Amazon Web Services, Cleversafe, Caringo, and Cloudian. SoftNAS Object Filer provides file access via NFS (Network File System), CIFS (Common Internet File System)/SMB (Server Message Block) with Active Directory, AFP (Apple File Protocol), FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and iSCSI block services for object storage.

About SoftNAS

SoftNAS™, LLC, is the leading provider of software-based, architecture independent NAS products and protects data for its customers. SoftNAS gives its customers the power of data security, portability and access, providing enterprise-class NAS storage and file gateway capabilities required to safely, predictably, and reliably operate IT systems and applications. SoftNAS believes in powerful, hassle-free storage and supports the most popular virtualized computing platforms, including Amazon® AWS™, Microsoft® Azure™, CenturyLink Cloud®, VMware® vSphere™ and vCloud Air™.

1 Enterprise Strategy Group, Object Storage Report, Scott Sinclair, June 2015.