Spanish-speaking tech and startup site DobleClic launched by media incubator Espacio

By startupbeatadmin June 28, 2018

Media incubator Espacio has announced the launch of a new publication, DobleClic, which is a Spanish-language web site designed to cover the biggest trends on the Internet and in the world of tech. With a central focus on Colombian tech, DobleClic will offer tech lovers and web surfers the best information from the tech world, closely following the biggest companies in the industry, the best innovations, and highlighting the work of startups throughout Colombia and the South American region.

The tech industry is beginning a new era in which its global economic impact is becoming more and more important with each passing day. Companies are continuously relying on important advances in IoT, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, among other trends. This has opened the doors for big innovations and the birth of new startups with the potential to transform the future.

This ever-evolving industry will be followed closely by the team at DobleClic, which is located out of Colombia where the team can give readers an up-close look at the tech industry in the growing Andean market. The staff will be closely following the country’s tech advances and the most promising startups. They’ll also provide insight into regulatory issues and those of tariffs, which is information that is a lot of times looked over by other outlets that focus too much on foreign tech advances.

“The tech scene in Colombia is going through a crucial moment,” said site editor Sergio Ramos. “With new regulations on the horizon for operators within the country and newly proposed taxes by the current administration, users are paying attention to what changes may come with the newly elected government.

“Here we’ll be on top of telling stories firsthand to detail of all these changes that affect us directly as users.”

This new launch from Espacio Media Incubator makes up part of a series of projects within the incubator that aims to improve communication and generate growth among new businesses in Latin America and the world.