Startup SophiaTX named blockchain company of the year

By Espacio Team Espacio Team April 20, 2018

Swiss startup SophiaTX has been named the blockchain company of the year. 

The enterprise blockchain platform, which aims to expand applications like ERP and CRM to help businesses, was ranked among the top ten providers in its field as well as being named ‘Company of the Year’ in CIO Applications this month. 

SophiaTX is encouraging the adoption of blockchain across different industries – with the hope it’ll disrupt innovation and management.

“We’re very proud that this goal, and the innovative nature of our platform, is being recognized by CIO Applications,” said the CEO of SophiaTX, Jaroslav Kacina. “We’re honored to be named the Company of the Year and to join other leaders in our field in the Top 10.”

He added that the company aims to become the principal platform for blockchain adoption for businesses of all sizes and help organizations realize the real power of blockchain technology.

Joe Phillip, managing editor of CIO Applications, said: “SophiaTX has long been a leading player in the blockchain technology landscape, and their progress and advancement in blockchain is impressive. We are pleased to recognize SophiaTX for its exemplary contribution in providing robust solutions in blockchain.”

The company was also named by Enterprise Security in its Top 10, after a year-round selection process. The publication’s market research team tracks all available solutions in the marketplace, and monitors conversations and updates in the industry.

“Since holding our Token Generation Event at the end of 2017 we have made huge advancements towards our goal of using integrated blockchain to revolutionize the industry,” Kacina added. “I’m delighted that we are already seeing this level of recognition. It is a testament to the efforts of so many here within the company – as well as the appetite from business leaders for this type of solution – that we’re able to mark this achievement.”

Open Source blockchain platform SophiaTX contains integration APIs to SAP and other enterprise applications. The company has already announced partnerships with a number of businesses across industries, and is working together with Ernst & Young to develop a blockchain solution for the automotive sector.