Startup Spotlight: Baptiste Greve of Unimersiv

By Tim Hinchliffe May 11, 2017

With bigger and better initiatives expected in the Virtual Reality world, this week’s Startup Spotlight introduces you to a key player in the field: Baptiste Greve, the Founder of Unimersiv has brought Virtual Reality into the educational sphere with one of the largest platforms for VR educational experiences in the world.

Meet the Founder

With a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Culture and an education in the EDHECT Business School, Baptiste is a fitting entrepreneur. Unimersiv was created from the gains generated by a brain training app that Greve built himself. In just a few months it had 100K downloads and was sold for enough money to start Unimersiv in 2015.

What’s so special about the service?

According to the american educationist, Edgar Dale’s and his famous Cone of Experience, people remember ten percent of what they read, twenty percent of what they hear, thirty percent of what they see and a whopping ninety percent of what they do. In the educational world, remembering what you learn is key. This is exactly what Unimersiv aims to achieve through their platform of VR educational experiences. If students can live the experience, virtually interacting with new knowledge, they’re a lot more likely to remember it later down the track.

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Product Spotlight

Unimersiv is the largest platform for VR educational experiences. It offers a range of educational apps teaching students about history, space and the human anatomy. In true VR nature, these apps provide 3D journeys with 360 viewing degrees of details such as the inside the human body, a step into the past or a trip to the International Space Station.

To date, Unimersiv has eight apps available. Students can:

  • Take a journey into the Human Brain
  • Explore Ancient Rome
  • Visit Acropolis of Athens
  • Understand the events of Titanic
  • Learn about the anatomy of the Human Body
  • View the interior of the International Space Station
  • View the exterior of the International Space Station
  • Walk around Stonehenge

This list is expected to grow as Unimersiv will publish new VR content on the app every month.

If users were interested in other VR possibilities, Unimersiv’s site also encourages developers from around the world to post reviews of their personal projects to increase awareness of the benefits of VR for educational content.

All apps are available to download through Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, Daydream or Cardboard to be harnessed through these portable headsets.

To the Future

With their mission to help students of all ages to learn faster through virtual reality, Unimersiv is only expected to expand and flourish as they develop more apps and bring more experiences into the classroom.





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