Startup Spotlight: Moves the Needle

By Tim Hinchliffe November 3, 2016

Brant Cooper is the CEO and founder of enterprise innovation platform Moves the Needle (MTN). The company helps to drive innovation and ignite entrepreneurial action in large companies by educating, enabling and empowering employees to be closer to the customer, move faster and act bolder. By leveraging design thinking and implementing lean startup principles (tailored for larger enterprises), MTN’s lean innovation bootcamps, accelerator programs, and strategic advising create immediate and lasting impact.

Meet the founder

As an economics graduate from the University of California Davis, Cooper gained valuable experience in product management and marketing throughout the 90s and 2000s before founding his first company in the technological innovation space in 2009 with Market by Numbers.

Whilst running Market by Numbers, Cooper continued to develop his career as an innovation and entrepreneurial advisor by branching out into authoring and event speaking. His speaking roles led him to events such as TEDx, corporate conferences and leadership summits. He aimed to teach, inspire and empower individuals to become innovative leaders, to act like entrepreneurs, whether they were in a startup or large enterprise.

His work as an author has so far resulted in three published books. His first, Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development, was published in 2013, while The Lean Entrepreneur  went on to become a New York Times bestseller. His most recent title is Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Lean Brand.

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Today, his main focus is on bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to the enterprise with Moves the Needle. Leveraging design thinking and Lean Startup principles tailored for the enterprise, MTN’s lean innovation bootcamps, accelerator programs and strategic advising create immediate and lasting impact. Brant travels the globe speaking with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs about how to discover and create new value; about empowering individuals to make the change they want to see in the world.

What’s so special?

The startup era has significantly changed the environment for big business. The average lifespan of an S&P 500 company has decreased from 67 years (1950s) to about 15 years today. Large enterprises are increasingly aware of the impact of employee-led innovation as it spreads from its traditional startup roots to large companies.

As an early pioneer of the lean startup movement, Cooper’s mission is to transform organizations to continuously innovate by empowering people to discover and create new value for their customers. The company teaches the capabilities and builds the systems needed to develop the necessary leadership skills that can transform company culture.

Product spotlight

Leveraging design thinking and lean startup principles, Move the Needle’s lean innovation bootcamps and accelerator programs create immediate and lasting impact for businesses.

The company runs a range of different programs varying in length, intensity and content to appeal to various types of organizations. These include an intensive three day Lean Business Innovation Bootcamp; Growth Marketing Bootcamp, and a 90 day Milestone Driven Accelerator program.

MTN’s workshops are run by impact coaches that have had extensive experience selling startups and transforming Fortune 500 organizations. From the front line to the C-Suite, MTN coaches teach the capabilities, build the systems, and transform the culture to unlock new growth and sustainability. From new product development to internal process improvement, MTN’s clients unlock new growth opportunities by thinking and acting in new ways.

To the future

MTN’s ongoing mission is to transform organizations to continuously innovate by empowering people to discover and create new value for their customers.

Cooper will continue to build Moves the Needle into the number one platform for igniting entrepreneurial action in enterprises, as well as working concurrently on his keynote speaking and authoring careers.