The 15 Top Fintech Startups of 2024

Emily Trujillo
By Emily Trujillo April 2, 2024

As of July 2023, publicly traded fintechs held a market capitalization of $550 billion, a two-fold increase over 2019. These statistics demonstrate how quickly the fintech companies are innovating and growing. 

From payments and lending with a social mission to a sustainable approach to investment, fintech startups are defining how we manage our money. This list explores 15 of the most exciting startups disrupting the industry in 2024, offering a glimpse into the future of finance and technology.


Founded by Rab Govil, Naehas is a leading provider of customer engagement and compliance automation solutions for highly regulated industries used by some of the world’s largest brands. The company delivers personalized products, pricing, offers, disclosures, and customer communications faster and more efficiently while reducing risk. They provide solutions that support enterprise functions, including product management, marketing, compliance, and operations. 


VegTech Invest is an investment management company that advises a plant-based Innovation ETF. It also produces a plant-based innovation & alternative proteins index as an industry benchmark. At the forefront of a secular trend, the company drives change in the food industry by investing in cutting-edge businesses that produce animal-free products, creating a more sustainable, healthy, and ethical future and food supply system.

Black Mammoth

Black Mammoth helps families and individuals achieve financial freedom. Founded by Investopedia’s top-100 advisor, Stoy Hall, the firm offers services for everything from simple projects to full-scale family office management. They focus on holistic financial planning, ensuring all aspects of your finances work together to reach your goals. Black Mammoth is proud to support female business owners, who make up roughly 90% of their clientele in 2024.


Crescite is a blockchain company that is introducing the first faith-based token. Founded and led by Eddie Cullen, the rapidly expanding company is quickly building its Web 3.0 community for religious institutions, ESG organizations, and more.

Prior to founding Crescite, Cullen was director of Fordham University’s incubator program and a candidate for mayor of New York City. He was also a fellow and faith-based advisor to the Biden for President campaign.


Echoes is a customer feedback text analytics SaaS platform focused on the B2B space, including FinTechs such as TreviPay. Customer Experience and Product leaders leverage the Echoes platform to understand their clients at scale to optimize the entire customer journey, increase retention, drive innovation, and be more competitive. Echoes is the insights and collaboration layer that sits on top of their existing CX tech stack.


Charlotte, N.C.-based Infinant provides a composable, coreless banking platform for banks to distribute financial products through bank-owned or non-banking applications. The interlace platform is differentiated by the bank’s complete control of customers, accounts, and transaction processing – including fraud, AML, and compliance. Banks can succeed in expanding their direct or BaaS distribution channels and growing deposits and revenue while staying above the core.

Recently, Infinant partnered with, a white-label digital experience provider for banks. This partnership streamlines the process, allowing banks to launch and manage their digital banking and BaaS programs significantly faster and easier.


Based in New York, SkyStem, through its ART solution, offers powerful account reconciliation and financial close applications for the enterprise that are easy to implement and a pleasure to use. SkyStem makes it easy to track the closing and reconciliation process at any time, easing the audit burden and improving the control environment during month-end closing.


Finta A.I. automates fundraising workflow end to end so your customers can concentrate on the most crucial aspect: building strong relationships. Finta envisions a future where private market tools empower positive change. The company supports founders and investors, fostering a collaborative and impactful investment landscape.

For investors, Finta offers valuable resources and insights, enabling them to become partners with the founders they support. The platform has a user-friendly interface that allows investors to optimize their processes, manage their workload and, ultimately, make well-informed investment decisions.


Belo is a digital wallet designed to empower the global workforce of the future. Tailored for freelancers and remote workers, it streamlines the process of receiving international payments in various currencies. Belo offers the flexibility to save in stable currencies and provides an intuitive interface for everyday financial transactions. Users benefit from features such as local currency transfers to over 50 countries, savings tools, and more. Belo is available for both iOS and Android devices.


Ribbon offers an easy, hyper-compliant, automated service for claiming and receiving inheritance, helping financial institutions retain customers and save on costs. Other than a couple of institutions nationwide, no US financial institution has a streamlined digital portal that automatically processes death certificates and inheritance processes. Ribbon’s digital estate center is a white-label solution that banks can plug into their website, allowing their customers to have their claims submitted and processed through a simple flow. The company recently closed a $2.7M pre-seed round led by One Way Venture, an early-stage VC fund.


Approbe is a Colombian fintech company that connects people looking for credit with those willing to lend. This peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform involves individuals, corporations, and even payment gateways. The company empowers everyday people by giving them the tools to securely apply for and receive loan approvals instantly, democratizing access to finance. The Latin American company recently secured a $2.3M Seed funding, which will be used to support and finance loans and optimize processes.

Capital Good Fund

Capital Good Fund is a nonprofit, U.S. Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institution that helps people fix their finances. They offer financing and personalized financial coaching to families in Rhode Island, Florida, Massachusetts, Delaware, Illinois, Texas, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Their mission is to create pathways out of poverty and advance a green economy through inclusive financial services.


Goin, a European financial app, connects to user bank accounts to offer money-saving features. It utilizes technology to analyze spending habits and suggests ways to save on purchases. Users can also personalize their savings plans by setting fixed contributions or allocating a percentage of their income to be automatically saved. With over 700,000 users, Goin aims to help Europeans manage their finances more effectively.


Creditop is a Colombian financial platform designed to compare loan options from different lenders, similar to how Trivago helps users compare hotels. It allows users to see interest rates, monthly payments, and other loan features in one place to find the best option for their needs.

The company developed software with a bank comparison algorithm that determines the best credit option for each user according to their financial profile.

Start-up Chile selected Goin as one of the best Latin American ventures to be accelerated, and in less than a year, in the middle of the pandemic, it consolidated alliances with the main Colombian banks.

Positive Finance

Positive Finance, previously, is an impact investing platform that facilitates employee engagement in investing and charitable giving aligned with their personal values. Businesses using Positive Finance can establish matching campaigns and select pre-vetted non-profit organizations that resonate with their company’s mission and impact goals.  The platform offers a combined benefit for employees: a 3% annual percentage yield (APY) savings option and the ability to donate to non-profits with fee-free transactions and potential tax deductions.


The story of Rand App started in Barcelona in 2021 with the idea of bringing better banking with the first people-powered platform for finance to allow people to earn, grow, send and spend their money better. The app helps grow your capital through innovative and stable yield accounts, and the company’s mission is to facilitate novel lending opportunities by creating a single global platform fueled by distributed ledger technology.