The benefits of country clubs for entrepreneurs and investors

Emily Trujillo
By Emily Trujillo November 22, 2022

Making the right choice of where to live is one of the most important decisions you can make in life for many entrepreneurs. Many factors come into play, such as value, location, and the lifestyle you want to enjoy, but it is also important to make sure it’s a smart investment.

Currently, there are many options in the real estate market to invest and live; among them, one of the most popular recently is the so-called country club. There are several advantages to purchasing a property in a country club, including being surrounded by an ideal business environment and a high-quality lifestyle.

Belonging to a country club allows you to socialize, meet people to network with, and take advantage of the connections made with other members of the same club. Below, we will discuss some of the most important benefits of this type of investment.

First, peace of mind

Living surrounded by nature and having a harmonious environment is definitely one of the main qualities of living in a country club. Depending on the location, you can have incredible views, added to the privacy and tranquility that you can hardly get in other types of properties. An excellent option for families and retired businessmen who value peace and comfort.

An excellent investment

If you have an investor’s vision, owning a property with a golf course and other premium amenities will be a very good real estate investment opportunity. Such properties have a high return on investment because their resale value can increase two to three times more than an average home, making them very desirable to investors. 

An example of this is the recently redesigned Andalusia Country Club, intended to be a desert paradise. A luxury community nestled at the base of the Santa Rosa and Coral Mountains, it offers a host of weekly activities, including mini golf tournaments among owners, and a welcoming community perfect for those who share a passion for the active desert lifestyle. 

“As La Quinta continues to emerge as the new epicenter of the Coachella Valley, we have worked to expand our offerings at Andalusia Country Club, which is rapidly becoming the premier community in this fast-growing California market,” said Randall Bone, Chief Executive Officer of Sunrise Company. 

Physical and Mental Health

Another benefit that this type of property offers is the possibility of belonging to a community with unlimited access to exceptional sports and fitness facilities that will bring many advantages for mental and physical health. 

For golf lovers it will be the perfect place to develop their skills in the game and for those who seek peaceful environments, relaxing will be a daily activity that very few can have.