Gentlewasher: The Company that is Cleaning up the Environment and Your Clothes

By Sam Brake Guia August 3, 2017
cleaning clothes

There are a number of companies hoping to make a difference for the environment, and one startup hoping to make a change is Monono’s Gentlewasher.

Washing machines are notorious for their non-environmentally friendly qualities, and it is estimated that the average household’s water consumption for garment washing using a top loading machine is at 13,500 gallons of water per year. Gentlewasher, however, provides a more compact and environmentally friendly option for getting your laundry done.

The Gentlewasher is a portable washing device that requires no electricity while saving water and soap. This unique apparatus can clean your clothes in five minutes while only using 4.8 gallons (18 Litres) of water per load. And It’s hand operated use also means it is ideal for clothes which are far to delicate for a standard washing machine, making it perfect for fashion conscious individuals with delicate clothes.

Because of it’s size it is perfect for anyone that requires clean clothes while traveling or if you just have little space. It’s patented, honeycomb shaped drum creates a multidirectional flow of water which adds to the washing process in multiple ways.

Primarily, the drum creates an additional layer of water, which makes garments float when they tumble. This saves the garments from the common wear and tear usually faced with machine washing. Secondly, it enables a deep but gentle cleaning of the garments because the user dictates the movement of the drum.

It also requires less water due to the fact water is utilized more effectively, and finally, because the water and detergent is mixed more effectively with the clothes it takes just five minutes for a 6 lbs (3kg) load or 12 t-shirts.

The device was inspired largely by the environmental challenges we face today. “During college, I watched a TED talk by the legendary Hans Rosling on the energy challenges of the 21th century,” says founder Coen Vermeer. “In the talk, he playfully explained the impact the washing machine had on the empowerment of women and electricity usage. That inspired me to create a sustainable and timesaving solution in the washing space.”

Vermeer also wanted to make something that is more effective and sustainable. “Most people prefer not to use washing machines for delicate clothes, because the chances are high the clothing will get damaged. Alternatively, dry cleaners are expensive and hand-washing is very time consuming. That’s when we saw that the market was crying out for Gentlewasher”, he explains.

In our modern world we often find that being environmentally friendly comes at a cost of convenience. Dividing up recycling, remembering to turn off light switches and taking the stairs instead of the elevator, all chores we are told we must do if we want to keep the planet in a good condition for future generations. Now there appears to be a device which helps save the environment while also providing a quick method for washing your clothes.

This device  is also a huge help for those in developing countries such as India due to its simplistic design and portability.