The Lightning Pitch: Agolo AI Platform, world’s most advanced summarization software

By Tim Hinchliffe May 17, 2017

Company: Agolo

Headquarters: New York, NY

Founding Team: A lifelong nerd and a machine learning guru, Sage Wohns and Mohamed AlTantawy

Why we like it: Not only is Agolo the world’s most advanced summarization software, it’s AI platform mimics processes in the human brain to analyze content by identifying various subjects and drawing connections between them.

Agolo Co-founders Sage Wohn and Mohamed AlTantawy


The team at Agolo believes that the human mind is capable of producing transformative insights that can change a company’s fortunes. Agolo summarizes information faster and with broader coverage than any human. Agolo helps analysts act strategically instead of processing information.

After graduating from the Microsoft Accelerator Program under MS Senior Director Alec Saunders, Agolo was able to transform itself from being another algorithm company to a full-fledged AI-driven data company.

The platform’s specialties lie in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Twitter API, and User Experience, and the team participated in last year’s TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon with its Agolo-Twitterbot.

Users of the platform can connect to news, documents, and cloud storage to create summaries in real-time with the most advanced technology on the market, and it is looking to expand into the finance industry.

The company’s algorithms don’t just “read,” they actively comprehend. This helps Agolo’s clients, which include a number of big names, to consume information faster and more efficiently. It maximizes time for workers, allowing analysts to think creatively and not just plough through endless data points. The company is looking for AI to enable people to focus on what they do best—drive sound business decisions.

According to the Microsoft Accelerator blog, “As part of its relationship with Microsoft, Agolo also takes part in calls and discussions to give feedback on Microsoft Azure. This helps Microsoft innovate and provide support for a growing number of startups around the world.”