The Lightning Pitch: Bookmark OS, unlocking the potential of bookmarks

By Tim Hinchliffe May 26, 2017

Company: Bookmark OS

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Founder: Web developer and entrepreneur David Lynam

Why we like it: Bookmark OS allows you to organize, sort, and browse your bookmarks like files on your desktop and get folder suggestions powered by Artificial Intelligence.


It works across all the major browsers and devices from laptops and desktops to tablets and smartphones.

Bookmark OS’s visualized platform uses webpage screenshots as icons, providing a useful and aesthetic way to visualize your bookmarks. This makes browsing easier by allowing you to recognize bookmarks without even reading.

An active tag will filter any view that you are in. For example, you could enable a “to read” tag, perform a search and it would only search bookmarks tagged with “to read.” Tags also apply to nested folders, so if a tag is active, only folders that contain a bookmark with that tag will show.


Bookmark OS Founder David Lynam

The idea for Bookmark OS came about when Founder David Lynam noticed that most web browsers were severely lacking in organizing bookmarks. By focusing on doing one thing really well, he then built a great platform and turned it into something truly coveted by web surfers, especially students and professionals.

“How this product came to be is that over time my Chrome bookmarks became so cluttered that I stopped using them and began dragging urls to my desktop. This worked well as I was able to leverage the GUI of my mac to keep them organized and sorted. I thought to myself, hey, I could build this in the browser, so I did!” Lynam explained on Product Hunt.

Other goodies highlighted in Bookmark OS include:

  • Search that is robust and shows results in real time as you type
  • Easily built bookmarks with browser extensions and the bookmarklet
  • Syncing a backup of your bookmarks with Dropbox
  • Importing your bookmarks from any service
  • Finding dead imported links and marking them with a caution icon
  • Custom sorting allows for re-arranging a folder’s order
  • Drag and drop supports moving multiple items at a time
  • A duplicate resolver
  • An ‘undo’ action that is available for any unwanted moves