The Lightning Pitch: Meet Ranksense – it’s better than the name sounds

By Tim Hinchliffe April 25, 2017

Company: Ranksense

Headquarters: Iselin, New Jersey

Founding Team: Hamlet Batista

Why we like it: Ten web pages later and the marketing officer is sick of applying Search Engine Optimisation techniques onto each page. Pass the job onto the newest intern, who really only stuck it through to make a good first impression.

E-commerce sites and large companies with numerous webpages on their site don’t have the time to optimise each webpage to boost it onto the first page of google. Yet ideally that’s exactly what they want, to market their service.

Without eliminating the human empathy, large sites need tools to scale personal work across numerous pages and keep the marketer in control. This is exactly what Ranksense, an SEO automation platform for e-commerce sites, does. They are launching a machine-assisted SEO tool to help companies increase search rankings, scale and accelerate technical implementations, create compelling search snippets, conduct SEO experiments and measure SEO ROI. Sounds like they do a lot. Well translated into human time, it is. In machine time, not so much.

Talking about time, using a machine to replace the human workload doesn’t mean that the marketer is now without a job. Instead, they have more time to focus on other tasks.

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Effective SEO comes down to Return on Investment -ROI. You would think that a human would be the only one able to assess what techniques are actually working. However, with the help of Ranksense, a business can gain insights and learn which optimisation strategies are actually working. A machine can analyse what words are matching up with the company’s preferred audience’s searches to see exactly where to place their brand.

The team at Ranksense says, “We know there’s a large number of companies trying to meet client expectations and increase online traffic. We’re not here to compete but to help out the industry with innovative machine technology.”

If you’re still not convinced, here’s one little detail to tip you over the edge – according to Ranksense’s clients, traffic has grown 46 percent year over year and revenue increase 84 percent.


Jacinta Spies