TripCandy: The Fun and Easy Way of Earning Crypto With Travel

StartupBeat Team
By StartupBeat Team July 19, 2022

Blockchain was unknown just a few years ago; now, the blockchain market is expected to grow by 89.5% from 2022 to 2030. It is no secret that its unique way of working is alluring all industries to adopt it. As users and companies increasingly seek safe, simple, and varied options, cryptocurrencies will take over as a form of capital. 

In an industry that still runs its trades on paper format at various stages, many companies are already innovating by using blockchain to streamline the process, from booking tickets to cutting lines at the airport. The digital approach of crypto ensures that transactions are all safely done in the blockchain, risk-free. Travel is on its way to seeing a big blockchain revolution and is already transitioning to use it at its full potential.

When talking about the travel industry and crypto, TripCandy is one of the most recent examples of successfully colliding both worlds. TripCandy is the first travel platform to turn its purchases into its crypto token, $CANDY, as a cashback reward. The platform offers flights and hotel stays worldwide and returns a percentage of the purchase made in $CANDY tokens as cashback. 

TripCandy aims to make crypto more accessible, effortless, and safe for all by allowing people to enjoy what they do while investing in crypto.

The travel and tourism sectors benefit greatly from adopting new trends and modernizing themselves. The faster travel platforms blend in with new technologies, the more engaging and relevant they stay. By effectively helping travelers invest in crypto and remain in the financial loop, TripCandy is setting up shop to shift the way the travel industry works.

Travel While Earning Cashback Rewards

TripCandy’s dynamic is designed so travelers can see profits from each trip and continue to travel to earn more benefits. The main attraction of these benefits is getting cashback $CANDY tokens. This token, built on the Binance Smart Chain, can be invested in new trips or used for staking to earn even more rewards without previously having to invest directly in it. 

Travelers are usually outside-of-the-box thinkers, which is why adding crypto and cashback to the mix works so well. Though cashbacks are not a new addition to travel agencies and platforms, doing so with unique crypto tokens gives it the edge for users to stay motivated and engaged.

By creating this cashback-rewards-and-investing cycle within TripCandy, crypto grows by propelling more users into the blockchain world painlessly and dependably.

Starting in Crypto, the Fun and Easy Way

For some, investing in crypto feels like it comes with its own rite of passage. It can be intimidating at times, with many technical terms and protocols, but also burdensome when the time comes to invest money in it.

TripCandy has made it so that any hesitation in investing is gone by making the investment process fun and easy: simply booking a trip means earning crypto as well. The platform also allows for staking within it so that no other site has to be visited to make use of $CANDY tokens and, likewise, create long-term interest in your own earnings.

Another upside of earning cashback crypto as a side effect of traveling is reducing stress in the scenario that the market goes through unfavorable changes.

Invest Without the Risks

Two key factors that ascertain the safety of TripCandy’s strategy are the blockchain and the reliability of earning crypto mainly as a reward. 

Much of the allure of crypto is the fact that it operates under blockchains. Every transaction is recorded under a decentralized ledger with a timestamp and tags, making it highly challenging to alter this information and reliable to use this method. 

“Crypto is plain perfect for travel because it can cement an industry that has been historically fragmented and rigid, with many manual and even paper-based processes,” said Jeremy Foo, CEO of TripCandy.

On the other hand, by receiving crypto as a form of cashback for trip investments, no fear is instilled in customers in the case the token becomes volatile in the market, as rewards received do not entail any capital provided by customers themselves.

TripCandy is the go-to platform for those who wish to be ahead in the crypto game and get the most gains out of their traveling purchases. Their innovative approach manages to make crypto as easy as booking trips and as safe as the blockchain the $CANDY tokens operate on. With the possibilities the platform offers to use its cashback rewards, users will help grow the crypto market with their own crypto earnings.

Disclosure: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.