U.S. college comparison and recruitment website Plexuss.com now out of beta testing

By Editor May 27, 2015

Plexuss.com facilitates contact between universities and future students, and aims to help students make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right university

Walnut Creek, CA (May 26, 2015)– California-based Plexuss.com has launched its free U.S. college comparison and recruitment website, now out of beta. Featuring more than 4,000 colleges, Plexuss.com allows users to take a virtual tour of their selected campuses, try the “Battle of the Schools” college comparison tool, and live chat with their choice of universities. Plexuss also includes a college ranking system, which collates data from trustworthy sources including Forbes, Reuters and Shanghai Ranking.

Plexuss.com facilitates an easy connection between future college students and their prospective universities. Colleges no longer have to send out expensive and time-consuming recruitment information packs, and are instead able to easily view candidate profiles through the website.

With the site’s intuitive set of tools, students can compare schools using a variety of criteria, including in- and out-of-state tuition, acceptance rates and college endowment funds. Plexuss also allows more advanced search criteria including:

·Looking at student-to-faculty ratios

·SAT score percentiles

·Environmental sustainability policies

·And other interesting details that would inform the user’s choice.

“Plexuss was designed to provide students with the insights they need to make the right choice when looking at colleges. We know that higher education is one of the most important investments one can make, and we aim to make comparing schools much easier through the tools available to students on the website, and to save time searching college and review websites,” says Plexuss.com Chairman and CEO, JP Novin.

“Plexuss.com is unique in its college focused, user-friendly features, factual comparison tools, and live chat facilities. It aims to bring convenience and savings to both to the student and the university. It’s our aim to make the student’s journey to college exciting, less stressful, and a lot more informed.”

About Plexuss.com

The leader in college recruitment, Plexuss (http://Plexuss.com) helps students successfully match with their ideal colleges using several online tools, and instant chat connections with college recruiters.

Education is the biggest investment an individual makes, and Plexuss strives to create a user-friendly site to help families choose a college with the best return on investment.