Ubiquity University partners with Debut Contemporary to provide entrepreneurship training and financial support to artists

By Oliver Griffin January 20, 2017

Global education company Ubiquity University today announced its partnership with art incubator Debut Contemporary. The incubator will establish a School of Entrepreneurial Art at Ubiquity University, providing mentorship and financial support to help students successfully enter the arts market.

Ubiquity University offers innovative classes and distance learning to global students through strategic partnerships with educational networks. The company collaborates with vocational schools and other universities to offer students classes critical for employment, such as courses in entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

Entrepreneurial training is offered to every Ubiquity University student with the promise that if they develop compelling and impactful projects, they will receive mentoring and financial support.

Debut Contemporary is an award-winning arts incubator that pushes artists to improve their positions within the arts industry. With a focus on branding, visibility, coaching and networking workshops, the Debut Contemporary incubator helps talented and ambitious artists turn their art practices into viable businesses.

Jim Garrison, President of Ubiquity University, said, “Art students might be very proficient artistically, but they need training in how to market themselves. By developing our entrepreneurial program with a world-class institution like Debut Contemporary, we’ll be able to further support our students in their creative and entrepreneurial ventures.”

Now art students at Ubiquity University will be equipped with business know-how to differentiate themselves in the industry, through a curriculum based on topics such as PR and marketing, accountancy, business strategy, brand ID, and global arts markets, among many others.

While artists often work part-time jobs to support their craft, many may say this isn’t ideal. The Ubiquity University and Debut Contemporary partnership helps artists to create successful business models, so they may spend all their energy on what they really love doing.

“We’re so pleased that an academic institution like Ubiquity University recognizes the impact that companies like Debut Contemporary have on artists,” said Samir Ceric, founder and CEO of Debut Contemporary.

“This type of entrepreneurial support and training represents a new frontier for ArtTech-EdTech collaboration. We’re excited to help students garner their own, strong presence in the arts industry by introducing the notion of business systems and processes, to form a solid foundation behind an artistic enterprise.”


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