UNITIATE launches new program for senior college students to meet exceptional leaders

By Editor November 19, 2015


Shanghai: After almost a year since inception, UNITIATE is going live and promises to reward outstanding senior college students by introducing them to exceptional leaders and role models worldwide. In its first years of operation, UNITIATE will focus on creating productive interactions within and between the fields of Business, Design, Engineering and Law.

UNITIATE is delighted to announce the launch of its operations as an international business network for senior college students with backgrounds in Business, Design, Engineering and Law. Annually, UNITIATE selects outstanding students worldwide to create a CLASS of like-minded, high-achieving young professionals. Sponsored students are offered the opportunity to travel to two international metropolises where they can benefit from exclusive one-on-one meetings with established executives to gain valuable insight and knowledge.

“At UNITIATE, we wish to facilitate mutually beneficial relations between two ends of the job market: driven young professionals who need to meet the right advisors and confirmed leaders who aspire to discover real talent”, explains Geoffrey Ravoire, Founder & CEO of UNITIATE. To achieve that, UNITIATE is constantly searching for new Executives – referred to as Mentors – ready to share their knowledge and passion for their work with qualified students. In return, these meetings often expose Mentors to a fresh perspective on industry practices and trends.

True to its ideal of building synergies between industries and fields, UNITIATE enables Sponsors and partner brands to use the platform for Marketing, Human Resources, Corporate Social Responsibility and Research Development purposes. “We are very excited to see that companies can benefit from our program on various levels: they can meet extraordinary new recruits, improve their CSR image by supporting the youth, or go more in depth with our select Students to develop new offers or products. This is a fantastic adventure”, adds Ravoire.

As part of its mission of building concrete, cross-industry information and knowledge, UNITIATE is building a sister project: UNITIATE INTELLIGENCE UNIT (UIU). UIU is a tool where research papers, interviews and case studies are posted, examined and discussed regularly among members. This forum enables participants to reflect on current market trends, events, and policies. UNITIATE is working hand in hand with top notch universities, colleges, and other educational institutions in order to identify and challenge new thoughts and trends, but also to select key speakers for its annual conference.

Earlier in the year, UNITIATE announced the successful acquisition of a second internet domain name in order to improve its online branding and visibility: www.unitiate.com now gives access to the same content as its parent site www.unitiate.org. These are the only two official websites of UNITIATE and official emails related to the program will come with the format @unitiate.org.

UNITIATE is permanently searching for new Sponsors, Partners and Members. For more information on UNITIATE and how you can participate in or support the program, please send a request to info@unitiate.org.

UNITIATE is an international platform to develop the business and social skills of senior college students. Annually, sponsored students in the fields of Business, Design, Engineering and Law are connected with their respective industry leaders and peers to facilitate early career development and opportunities.

UNITIATE provides a business-savvy, value-driven environment that places personal growth and sharing at the forefront. Networking relationships made possible by the sponsorship will support the young graduates throughout their careers.

A trusted recruitment and marketing platform serving sponsors and partners, UNITIATE has been established in 2015 by Geoffrey Ravoire.

Geoffrey Ravoire is the Founder & CEO of UNITIATE and UNITIATE INTELLIGENCE UNIT (UIU), two international networking and media platforms facilitating young graduates’ access to the job market.

Holding a Master’s Degree from NEOMA Reims Management School, Geoffrey is also a firm believer in continued education and, over the years, has enrolled in many courses by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) and other entities. Geoffrey is a Marketing Expert, Luxury Specialist and Hospitality Enthusiast. His early career has led him to nurture and cultivate a passion for Business Development, Marketing and PR strategies as well as crisis management.

Since an early age, Geoffrey has been committed to the non-profit world by taking part in the actions of the Rotaract Club and by founding and running an association to support young Malagasy students while attending Business School.

French born, Geoffrey has accumulated an extensive experience abroad, thanks to regular visits to foreign countries but also thanks to years of expatriation. At age 27, Geoffrey has already lived and developed in the work environment in New York City, Singapore, Monaco and Shanghai.