UNITIATE launches sister project to develop knowledge sharing

By Editor May 6, 2016

Hong Kong, May 6th, 2016: Founder of UNITIATE announces the launch of online knowledge platform UNITIATE INTELLIGENCE UNIT where members of UNITIATE can publish articles and discuss global affairs of the Business, Design, Engineering and Law communities.

As part of its mission of building concrete, cross-industry information and knowledge, UNITIATE is building a sister project: UNITIATE INTELLIGENCE UNIT (UIU). UIU is a tool where research papers, interviews and case studies are posted, examined and discussed regularly among members. This forum enables participants to reflect on current market trends, events, and policies.

Students participating in UNITIATE as well as Faculty and Mentors can submit articles for the online platform. The document will be reviewed and published on uiu.unitiate.org with the name of the author. Broadcasting the article on all accessible channels will give the author increased visibility on the web to heighten his/her personal online reputation.

A large variety of documents will be accessible on UIU in order to give broader perspectives and insights to the readers: for instance, Students can publish articles written for the local journal, internship reports, Master’s Thesis; Faculties can publish research papers and Mentors can publish company reports, white papers and other internal but not confidential information. “UIU is a cornerstone to share knowledge among our growing community platform. Members can now publish documents that they have built and want to show to the world”, explains Geoffrey Ravoire, Founder & CEO of UNITIATE. “We will add to the mix regular and exclusive industry interviews that will enable our readers to gain deeper knowledge of the world’s economy.”

For more information on how to submit a piece for UIU, please send a request to info@unitiate.org.


UNITIATE is an international platform to develop the business and social skills of senior college students. Annually, sponsored students in the fields of Business, Design, Engineering and Law are connected with their respective industry leaders and peers to facilitate early career development and opportunities.

UNITIATE provides a business-savvy, value-driven environment that places personal growth and sharing at the forefront while developing strong analytical capabilities in participating students. Networking relationships made possible by the sponsorship will support the young graduates throughout their careers.

A trusted mentoring and recruitment platform serving students and partners, UNITIATE has been established in 2015 by Geoffrey Ravoire.