Utah startup helping mothers with childcare bags $2 million in funding

By Michael Krumholtz December 26, 2018

Momni, a women-led startup out of Utah helping mothers with their childcare options, bagged $1.75 million in funding from investors.

In the United States, where people are sometimes without many resources to turn to from the government or employers when it comes to maternity and paternity leave, the startup is focusing on helping these parents out who need better childcare alternatives.

The app, which just launched this year, connects parents with available baby sitters who come pre-approved via the platform.

One of the major investors behind the recent multi-million dollar backing was Tamarack Capital.

“Few things are as socially significant as what Momni is focused on,” said Nate McBride, a partner at Tamarack Capital, according to an article from Desert News.

“They are a very talented team working on a significant challenge, and we are proud to work with them in solving it for good,” he added.

Karmel Larson, a mother of eight kids, is the founder of Momni. She has said in past interviews that her goal with Momni is to have parents finally get a chance for alternative options.